Friday, April 10, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #EasterGrace

Knee back when he cleaned up and wore clothes.
1) My neighbor seems to be following a pattern.  I've noticed the banging usually happens on a Thursday.  What does he do on Wednesday nights?  It's ridiculous that I have to carry my three year old up and down the stairs in the morning.  It's absurd that I have take his unhappy self and dress him in the school parking lot.  It's 7:30 in the morning on a school day.  Not everyone has the luxury of sleeping in.

2) Speaking of unhappy three year olds...Blessings to whoever invented the child safety door locks on cars.  If it were not for you, my three year old would have opened the car door this morning while I was driving and who knows what would have happened.  You are awesome for thinking of that.

On the flip side, potty training is going spectacularly.  A few accidents here and there, but we are basically diaper free.  And we're transitioning from nap time to no nap-early bed time.  Joy!

3) Thank God!  We have a renter.  Since we moved out of condo 4 years ago at a time when our mortgage was upside down, we've had to rent out our property.  We haven't had a renter for about 2 months now so it's a relief.

4) Speaking of relief, my husband has had a couple of people interested in hiring him back state side.  They aren't close to family, but they have the potential to turn into something more permanent.  So he's going to be busy this weekend working on job applications.

5) CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) makes my head spin.  Remember last year when I specifically asked if I could file a tax return and was told no?  You see in Canada even married couples must file separate tax forms.  And although I reside in Canada, last year per CRA I was classified as a non-resident.  This was further frustrated because all tax breaks for children are done through the mother.  So not only could I not file a tax return form, I had to send them information about my person and testify about income.  Confused?  Me too.  I suppose someone saw the absurdity of it and I was issued a temporary number.

This year the government past a Family Tax Credit.  And according to H&R block, guess who can now file a tax return form and can save her family money by doing so?  Yep.  Me.  I guess I'm a grown-up now.

Since Canada bases it's taxes on residency, I have to do they tax people like me (ex-pats) who reside in Canada but un-like me work in a separate country via telecommuting?  From what I can tell, they don't.  They are in residential limbo.  And people think the US system of taxes based on citizenship/immigration status is strange. 

6)  Speaking of strange Canadian things...if you are a US citizen, in addition to always having to file a tax return form, you get the privilege of always being allowed to vote.  For Canada if you live out of the country for longer than 4 years (or is it 3?) you loose your ability to vote.  I.just.can't.imagine.

7) And since I haven't mentioned HB, he's been reading.  As in plops himself down with a simple book like Hi, Fly Guy and reads it.  He's not even technically in US kindergarten.  And when I say read, I mean has-never-seen-the-book-before-but-knows-what-it-says not Mom-has-read-this-book-so-many-times-I-memorized-it.  Hubby didn't quite realize it until we went to the mall and I got HB to read the display windows.  It's a little scary.  Because now it's "Mom, what does that (blank) mean" has come up from time to time.

He's also turned into a Jesus freak.  "Mom, God has special powers.  He can make it rain."  and this morning.  "Mom, I'm getting bigger because Jesus makes me grow."  Teach my children about primary causality.  Check.

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