Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good-bye Facebook, Hello Twitter!

I don't remember exactly why I set up a facebook account.  I didn't have one for the longest time and when I did I hardly used it. Then I had to start using it to keep up with work on a online magazine (which I've since stopped writing for). 

But I grew jaded over my relationship with facebook.  They have a policy against using pseudonyms and everything is extremely public despite it supposedly being a private Los Vegas Styled social media group.  Scandals have erupted over their ads and tracking your preferences.  They've added just about every stylized gender orientation known on the planet.  And more recently they've barred religious leaders from using titles like Father or Sister as a part of their name.  It's confusing that we can be as gender-expressing as we want, but can't use whatever name we wish to express ourselves with.

However, facebook is not the only social media group in town.  And others don't care how you choose to express yourself so long as it's not trademarked.  Twitter is one of these groups.  Yahoo also doesn't care and gives you the option of making a pseudonym. 

I've used Yahoo for a long time and haven't had any problems with it.  It's policies are consistent.  It's not really social media though.  You can join groups with similar interests, answer questions of other users, and make comments on articles.  It's own thing.  I wasn't sure about Twitter so I set up an account and gave it a whirl for a while.  A limit of characters?  But it's similar to facebook in that you can link things and discuss things easier in real time.

After much speculation and attempting to avoid the facebook plague, I have shut down my facebook account.  If you want to follow me on social media, you can follow me on twitter: @deltaflute.  And if you want me to follow you, just send me a comment with your twitter handle.

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  1. Love seeing you on Twitter more! I so prefer it to Facebook. I keep my Facebook account mostly to see pictures from out of town relatives, and to message with my dance troupe, that's how we communicate between rehearsals is Facebook PM's. But I barely post on there for the reasons you mention. I prefer Twitter so much more and am much more active on there.


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