Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pro-SSM supporters, can you answer my questions?

Part of the problem I have with same-sex marriage supporters is that I can't seem to get my questions answered.  There's a lot of deflection going on or in some cases circular logic.  So I've prepared a list of questions in hopes that someone will be kind enough to give me their opinion.  I'm not interested in what the law says etc.  I'm interested in what your answers are.

1) What is marriage?

2) What does marriage equality mean exactly? Does it include polygamous, incest, and child relationships? why or why not?

3) Why do you believe the state should recognize same-sex marriage?

4) What is the state's interest in recognizing same-sex couples as opposed to other relationships like friendships or polygamy?

5) According to the Human Rights Campaign, same-sex couples are being denied benefits such as social security, tax benefits, immigration rights, etc.  Do you believe that these benefits should also be extended to close friends? polygamous groups? Why or why not?

6) Windsor is the latest court decision that recognizes same-sex couples federally.  Reynolds is the court case that up held anti-bigamy laws.  Do you think both courts were correct in their decisions and why (or why not)?

7) Do you think a child has rights to their biological parents?  Doesn't creating a child without access to their biological mother or father violate Article 7 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which reads that a child should both know and be cared for by his or her parents immediately after birth?

Thank you for your responses.

If you have any questions for me (or would like for me to answer these questions myself), I'd be happy to give you a straight forward answer.  This doesn't mean that you will like my answers or agree with them, but I'm not interested in a consensus.  I'm only interested in well thought out answers laid out so that people can judge the issue for themselves.  Logic over rhetoric.


  1. If you want your polygamous relationship recognized by the government, file a lawsuit

    Your questions are irrelevant to the cases currently before the Supreme Court.

    1. Flag on the Play. Away Team deflecting. 10 yard penalty.

      Seriously though. Polygamy has been brought before the Supreme Court (see Reynolds) in both the US and Canada. And currently there's a polygamous group filing a law suit.

      My questions are totally relevant and were asked during the Windsor case. So can you please answer them?


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