Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #OneMoreDay

Photo by: Smallman12q; Oregon Transportation Department

1) We got the place.  We signed a lease on Wednesday and so we've been busy setting up utilities.  So excited!

2) HB is under the weather.  I took him to the doctor on Wednesday who said that his age they don't do anything for him.  The doc said that his eyes looked clear (he's rubbed them so raw though) and his ear is a little pink but not red enough to warrant anything.  I'm not thrilled.  HB's not been feeling well and I can't give him any over-the-counter remedies besides Advil.  Nor will the doc hear his mother's concerns over pink eye out.  :/

3) Meanwhile Knee's pretty much been watching Lego whatever while I pack.  He's not sick so I knock on wood that the rest of the family is able to resist whatever nasty bug HB has.  Otherwise you'll be hearing me complain about how every time we move someone is sick.

4) Today is HB's last day of school and Hubby's last day of work.  Tomorrow the movers show up and help us put our stuff in a Uhaul.  We're not crazy and think it'd be much faster this time to have a few hired hands come out and put the stuff in the truck.

5) Sunday morning we set out and hope for a smooth operation getting across the border.  The average time (according to the paper work) is 45 minutes.  Theoretically it will be easier going back because 1) we won't have been driving for days on end but rather only 2 hours and 2) we're US citizens so there's not the head ache of visas and whatnot.  We just have to show our passports and fill out forms to bring back all our stuff into the US.  I've saved and gathered every shred of paperwork including the car title so that we can just hand it over the agents.  "See look, these garbage cans came from the US."

6) If you find that you're moving, you may want to check out my packing tips.  I plan on also writing a moving tips list as some point, but I think finishing things up around here might be higher priority.  

7)  Well I can't think of anything and the youngster has declared "Lego Star Wars" so....

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