Friday, May 1, 2015

7QT: #Twitter

1) Hubby spent the early part of this week flying out for a job interview.  He's super excited about the job, but his chief concern is them being able to send him an offer in a reasonable time frame.

2) In the meantime this weekend will be dedicated to packing.  Our visa runs out in July, but his (so far) one job offer has a June start date.  So we might as well start now and determine where we will be living later.

3) I'm starting to get the hang of Twitter.  I wish there was some sort of tutorial.  The @ symbol apparently includes a person into the conversation and send them notification of your tweet (unless they blocked or muted you).  The # symbol means a subject.  You can search by # to find information about something on going.  So for example if you say @SCOTUS you are essentially sending SCOTUS a tweet (or whoever maintains the site).  If you simply want to discuss all the rulings and cases that have been brought before the court it's better to #SCOTUS instead. #learningtwitter

4) Speaking of SCOTUS, there's been a lot before the court.  There's been the gay marriage case and the one on lethal injection.  It's been interesting listening to the remarks and getting the audio that day.  Apparently it's been unprecedented that the court would upload the audio that day.  It's equally interesting that there have already been calls for civil disobedience from Christian leaders.  I sincerely hope that this doesn't melt down into another Roe v. Wade situation.

5) This week HB received a certificate from the principal for reading.  We also received a phone call for Occupational Therapy services.  I have an over the phone interview with their care person scheduled for Sunday.  So we had the pedi meet HB in October.  An autism evaluation took place in March.  And now in May an OT is "opening a file" on HB.  This whole process is way too slow.

6) Oh, I forgot to mention the Twitter fest that happened this week.  #MakeaMovieCatholic  It was hilarious.  So if you need a good laugh go search.  I have a few entries that seemed to tickle people's funny bones:

Divine Secrets of the Fatima Sisterhood
Alvin and the Carmelite Monks
Harry Potter and the Altar's Stone
40 Days Later (instead of 28 Days Later)

There are some awesome ones out there. 

7) So I'm not sure what to write for the 7th entry.  Maybe I'll just attach an old photo about moving.
Moving boxes in the shower from our last move. 

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  1. We're moving this summer too! I hope your husband gets good news in your needed time frame.


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