Friday, May 8, 2015

7QTakes: #MovingIlls

1) So if you haven't seen my announcement of where we are moving to, check out this post.  Then read this one about stewardship and personal belongings. 

Our moving date is May 23, so naturally I'm super busy.  My house looks like a tornado hit it.  There are boxes everywhere.  Housework has been neglected due to packing.  And I hit the wall on Thursday.  You know the packing hell wall.  The one where you'd rather curl up in the fetal position then touch cardboard ever again because there's still soooo much to do.  So I calmed myself, told myself I was doing well, and tried to avoid looking at the big picture and only focus on the small tasks in front of me.  And I read mundane internet articles and took a nap.  Helped me a lot.


 I also got Knee an eye exam.  Turns out he needs glasses.  I suppose I should have guessed his vision was a little off because he likes to sit close to the tv, but he seemed to see everything else well (like flowers across the street) so I assumed...Well maybe he can see the flowers because he's not color blind. 

I had to break the news to HB who has wanted glasses forever.  But he doesn't need them.  He took it well knowing that Knee needed glasses to help him see better.  Then Knee demanded we go pick out glasses.  I told him we'd have to wait post-move.  Glasses take a while to get and they are cheaper across the border.  He said he wanted brown ones.  And HB said it was because Arthur, the aardvark, has brown glasses.  Well that's something positive.  I'm hoping Knee will actually wear them because he's so darn picky about wearing things.

3) Hubby and I have had to do so much calling and clerical related stuff because you know moving is a pain in the tush.  You have to find a van.  You have to make sure that you have money in a bank in the US.  You have to start making arrangements to cancel your phone, internet, gas, electricity, etc.  Every day he's come home and started calling people.  That's because there's a time difference so...


 HB is so ready to leave.  Every morning he asks me if we're leaving right then and then gets upset when he realizes that he's going to school.  "I want to go to a new school." he says.  Keep in mind HB has been talking about returning since we moved here.  Yesterday I found an old set of car keys to a Hubby's old car.  He got confused because he thought they were keys to the car we inherited.  So I had to show him pictures.  And that led to showing him more pictures including ones where he discovered that he used to have longish hair.  He wants to grow out his hair.  I showed him all the places we would visit and old pictures of friends.  So I'm hoping this time he will not flip out with stress.  That's one positive of this move.

5) It's amazing what you discover when you pack.  I've found money, clothes, and random things.  I think if we ever find a permanent place to live I will plan on going through the house and doing massive purges every two years or so.  I'm sure it will be like this for a while because children grow up and interests change.

6) I'm looking forward to going back to the US.  I will get Netflix again (which is better than in Canada) and I will get to use more online stores.  Shipping to Canada is costly and not all places ship outside the US.  Thred up is something I've been staring at for a while (and hearing all good things), but they don't extend outside the US.  I love second hand shopping because I feel like I'm being a good steward.  Textile production is often not eco-friendly and often workers are in sweat shop conditions.

7) Now I need to deal with super uphappy person and laundry. 

Thanks to This ain't the lyceum!

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