Monday, May 4, 2015

Moving Again

We're moving again.  I think this is the fourth move (if you count moving in together) hubby and I have had to do.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Naturally I hate the process of it, but I'm glad we'll be returning to the States.

We are moving back to Tucson.

And we're leaving Memorial Day/Victoria Day Weekend.  Yes, we're just a little crazy.  But that's because Hubby has to start work June 1st.

In the meantime you will see me going crazy trying to arrange descent schooling for HB because Tucson's school districts are crap.  Unless you are poor and/or don't really consider you children's education, you pretty much have to live just outside of Tucson, go private, or go charter. 

You will also see me fret over what to get rid of and whatnot (cue future post on how to pack).  I am thus far not doing so well because 10 boxes in I totally forgot to keep an inventory list.  Basically anytime you move countries you have to give a list of the contents and what you value them as.  You don't have to be over specific, listing every title of every book you own, but you do need to say things like books.  Now how does one estimate family photos?  They aren't valuable in the sense that you would sell them.  That's always a head scratcher.  Speaking of photos I think I need to start digitizing stuff like that when we move back.  I didn't realize how many photos I had and how many of them are just film ones. 

Anyho, I've managed to pack up most of the basement and the office.  Today I plan on tackling book shelves and if I'm lucky movies.  We'll see just how cooperative Knee will be.

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  1. moving sucks, but I'm glad you'll be (relatively) close by again!!


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