Sunday, May 17, 2015

Things You Like to Hear Your Husband Say

I'm pretty hard on clothes.  If I hate something, I give it up.  If I love something, I wear it a lot.  After I destroyed two skirts beyond my ability to repair them and later lamented that most of clothing is dark and totally not spring like, my husband said to me "well, we should probably fix that after we move.  You shouldn't be wearing black all the time."  Exactly.

Thredup has also announced that they will be lowing prices starting June 1st.  *rubs hand greedily* Plus I'm familiar enough with Tucson to know where all the thrift stores are.

And since I've been talking about moving into the house my husband basically said I can set it up how I'd like.  "Get what you need to organize the house.  I don't want it to look like we're living out of boxes and making do.  Oh, and I think the boys need a real bed."  The boys have been sleeping on floor level mattresses forever.  As my husband said, we think that their old enough now to handle actual beds.  Then he said he also wanted a guest bed too. 

We've discussed it and think that a junior loft bed will be perfect.  HB can sleep on the top and Knee can upgrade to a twin sized mattress on the floor.  But knowing them Knee would prefer the top.  It should save on space.  Here's a pic of what I've got in mind.
And I've seen pics of people totally tricking them out by adding curtains and rods along the bottom so there's privacy below.  Plus it's called junior because it's only about 4 feet off the ground and it's not a full bunk bed, which is recommended for older children.

So excited!

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