Friday, June 19, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #PostMove

1) So my jogging has come to halt.  I ended up pulling a muscle under my rib cage.  Don't ask me how.  It was so painful that I was having trouble breathing deeply.  The nurse prac told me to lay off jogging for a week.  On the one hand I hurt only when I sneeze now.  On the other hand I feel like a giant pile of unmotivated flab.  :(

2) Medical stuff is piling up and expensive.  Even with help from insurance.  I bought Knee some glasses.  I took both the boys to the pediatrician.  I wasn't able to get HB help.  At his age it's through the school district and the school hasn't returned my call.  Monday I plan on just showing up.  I know it's summer and everywhere is already short staffed.  It was a good thing though that I took them in.  Apparently HBs ears were very infected.  Even after the Canadian doc told me they looked clear.  :/  Knee is also signed up for a speech eval.  So that's also good.  Maybe after some therapy his dad will stop asking me to interpret what he says.

3) Then I took them to the dentist which to get their teeth back in order costs a pretty penny.  The problem is my children 1) hate brushing their teeth and it's a fight often involving holding them down and 2) they have close contacts between their teeth.  All of HB's cavities are in the areas between teeth whereas Knee has a couple between teeth. 

4) Meanwhile Hubby is going on about money again.  I hate it when he does that.  It's why I made him take over bill paying and crap.  When I was doing it, we rarely discussed financial strain, but it bothered him that he was out of the loop.  Now that he's doing it well...He's been particularly stressed about the water bill.  He's every day gone and checked the meter and recorded how many gallons we've used in a day.  Sometimes I wish he wasn't a scientist. 

5) The irony though is that Hubby, in addition to getting fancy new computing equipment- which makes sense because of what his project is, has also gotten a stipend to  Yes, really.  I remarked "Are you working for Prada?" because why on earth does a science institution want to give their employees a clothing stipend?  He thinks it's because as scientists they are often going to conferences and conferring with colleagues outside the institution.  They want those representing them to look good.  That and as he said "they take care of their people."  Which means...

6) Hubby is working awfully long hours.  In addition to a very long work day, he's also coming home and after a couple of hours working at night.  Part of it is setting up software to run.  Part of it is that he's still finishing up his work from his last job.  He wants to publish something.  And part of it is that he's got to write a grant proposal so that he can get his own funding and keep his job.  Science at its finest.  Maybe I shouldn't mention that I could probably easily get a job substitute teaching, but that would mean that he'll have to pick up children from school when their sick and stuff.  Money versus the convenience of working long hours...hum.

7) And just because....I want to say I love having a dish washer again.  I also got a new garbage disposal because when we moved in it was leaking.  Maintenance is supposed to come on Tuesday and make improvements.  So there's that too.  I love keeping house.  Speaking of which I need to give you a virtual tour at some point. 

This is a pic of the dishwasher in our condo.  Yes, I have a love affair with dishwashers.

Hope your week has gone well.

Thanks to This Ain't the Lyceum


  1. Have you thought about walking?
    What about electric toothbrushes?

  2. on dishwashers...just wait until a KID will load and run it at night- and in the morning, magically clean dishes can be unloaded! (swoon)


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