Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm Back Online!

We made it to Tucson!  It took us an entire week to travel down there.  Then we got into the house.  And that was when all the fun started.  Moving countries is hard even if it's your own and you've got lots of help.

Border patrol was super easy even with the weird hiccup over having not imported/imported the car.  They didn't want to see the back of the moving truck, and that was what amazed me.  I could have hidden anything/anyone in there!

Then it was drive, drive, drive!  We stopped for one day at my in-laws and acquired a Soccer Mom vehicle.  Basically my husband's grandfather passed away last year and nobody wanted it, so we took it.  But we didn't want to take it across the border so my in-laws have held onto it.

Then more driving....

We stayed the night at a friend's and the next morning we arrived.

The persons packing the truck were Iraqi Christians and the persons unloading it were deaf.  So I had to whip out my miniscule amount of sign language knowledge.  And appreciate that I can return to my home country without fear.

I've been to the dmv three times.  We managed to acquire cell phones but then ran into head aches with the internet.  I've been steadily unpacking and trying to arrange rooms.  I'll have to show you what things look like when it's in better shape.

HB was terribly sick, but now he's pretty much over it.  Then Knee got a cough.  Hubby is on anti-biotics.  And my mother in law went to the doctor because apparently her allergies were really out of wack.  Her throat was swollen, she had a terrible cough, and her nose kept bleeding.  I feel so bad for her.  And I...well I'm usually the one who is sick, but I'm the only one who is perfectly fine.  Go figure.

Well that's it in a nut shell.  Much less painless this go around.  But hey it wouldn't be moving if someone didn't get sick.

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