Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moving Tips

Hello again.  Not too long ago I posted a packing tips post and said I would post a moving tips post.  Moving is a little different than simply packing.  It also gets more complicated if you are moving distances instead of within city.  So here's my tips.

1) Get all your medical stuff squared away- Plan on getting a dental check-up?  It's far easier to do so before you move rather than after.  Because think about it, you have to find a new dentist and you'll have to get a recommendation and/or square it with your insurance company.  Whereas if you use the dentist you already know, less foot work. 

2) Acquire some 2 way radios aka walkie talkies- Some states have strict laws concerning cell phone usage while driving.  If you plan on caravaning, you'll need some way to communicate with the driver of the other vehicle for things like "I need to stop for gas, bathroom, a snack,etc." 2-way-radios and CBs don't fall under the same rules as cell phones and to my knowledge there are no laws prohibiting their use.

3) To make a reservation or not to make a reservation- That's really up to you.  Some people like to pre-plan their trip by making hotel reservations at stopping locations.  This is helpful if you have a strict time-table or are concerned about a convention in the area taking away hotel availability.  However if you are like me, I'd rather play it by ear.  People get sick.  People get over-tired.  Canceling reservations while on the road is annoying.  I like the idea of having flexibility.

4) Make an itemized list of what your moving- This is important whether you are driving the van or someone else is.  If your stuff is stolen or damaged in an accident, you can hand over said list to your insurer.  You also will need a list of household goods for immigration purposes.  We didn't need our list at the border because we weren't immigrating and we were with our goods, but if we had hired a moving company, they would have needed the list.  Canada also wanted a list when we immigrated.

5) Make a list of everything you need to do both before you arrive and after- There's so much to remember when setting up a house.  You'll want the basics like electricity and water set up before you move in.  But you'll also need a new driver's license and new plates if you move states afterwards.  Look up the laws regarding things like new plates because you may need to get them within 30 days.  You may want to get an up-to-date id first thing because some places like credit unions or libraries will require proof of residency.  This is more paramount if you are an immigrant because some businesses will not accept foreign forms of identification.

6) Try and relax- Even the best laid plans can go eschew.  You should just expect that and try to give yourself room for mistakes or unforeseen situations.  They happen to everyone. 

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