Thursday, June 11, 2015

On Taking up Jogging

For a good part of my life, I was skinny.  Too skinny in fact.  In highschool I graduated at the same height I am today weighing at the feather weight of 100 lbs.  I wasn't a healthy weight and people actually picked at me for that.  For the record, I didn't have an eating disorder or had body issues.  In fact, I made it my mission to avoid teen fashion mags because I thought they taught unrealistic body types to young girls. When I went to college, the pounds started creeping up.  I was glad.  I was looking healthy and normal, going from a size 6 to a size 8.  My metabolism was finally slowly down.

That's how the weight slowly crept up and has been creeping up.  Age, marriage, having children are all contributing factors to this slow weight gain.  So has the loss of any form of exercise.  I used to be in marching band, but that stopped when I went to grad school.  I walked everywhere I went, but it isn't enough.

I went to confession a few months ago and confessed that I was not taking care of my body well.  I meant that in the sense that I should be more careful about my junk food intake and should be exercising.  I'm not sure if it's a mortal sin to not get off the couch, but not exercising can lead to a slothful and gluttonous lifestyle.  I found myself slowing down more and making more excuses to sit and read on the internet. 

It did not help that I was living in a cold climate.  The best times to get out are in the afternoons when I was alone with children.  I had no motivation.

Then we moved and it's actually pleasant in the early mornings.  I get up before the rest of the family does.  My exercise clothes are hung in the bathroom so I grab my watch, socks, and shoes and head out the door.  I started jogging about a week ago and I can already feel a tremendous energy boost.  Good bye, Slothful Excuses!

I'm use the "Couch to 5K" program.  I didn't buy the app; I just looked for online printables to get an idea how I should ramp things up the next week.  My goal is to train for the suggested 9 weeks like I'm training to jog a 5K.  I know Tucson has stuff like that around but that's not why I'm doing this.  Then after that I want to add weights and I've heard that Youtube has some great exercise videos online. 

I want to shed some of the extra pounds (about 20 of them) I've acquired or at the very least shed the extra dress sizes since I know that muscle weighs more.  I recently bought some clothing from Thredup and discovered that I'm squeezing into a 12.  Whatever happened to size 10?! 

It's also nice that Hubby is encouraging this.  The other morning it rained so I didn't jog and Hubby was like "you should go anyway."  And every morning he says "go ahead and jog" and talks about I'll be loosing weight and fitting back into my clothes better.  He's had no problem fielding children if they wake up early. 

Hopefully I'll be a lighter and happier me around Christmas!

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