Friday, July 17, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #Birthday

1) Today is my birthday.  Hubby and I have hired a babysitter and are planning to go out for dinner this evening.

2) This morning I planned on cleaning the house.  I had just finished up the kitchen and was cleaning out my purse.  I went to put some stray cash back into my wallet when I noticed an appointment card in my wallet.  It was marked for today.  Apparently I had forgotten about an appointment to discuss Knee's speech evaluation today.  I had about half an hour before I needed to get out the door so I kicked it into over drive (nobody was appropriately dressed at this point).  We made it to the appointment.  I'd like to think it was a guardian angel thing making sure I didn't miss an important appointment.

3) According to the therapist, Knee "presents with a moderate expressive language delay and speech delay."  Basically he understands everything everyone says, but he isn't putting enough words together and what he does say is very difficult to understand.  The therapist was delighted to note that he does imaginative play and asks questions and all the sort of normal and non-autism stuff.  His speech isn't delayed enough that he isn't articulating words.  It's the problem of putting all of that into sentences hence the "moderate expressive language delay."  But I knew this already which is why I wanted the evaluation in the first place.

4) At this point, the speech therapy lab is going to send the information to his pediatrician and then confer with our insurance.  We should be hearing back from them in about two weeks and then will most likely start speech therapy once a week.

5) In the meantime I have to sign up HB for school in about 10 days.  School starts August 6th so time is flying by.  Hopefully he will also be evaluated and get his own speech/language therapy and behavioral therapy through the school.  That would be lovely because my patience is wearing thin.  It isn't good to keep delaying therapy.  The earlier the intervention, the better he'll function in society.

6) I'm also planning on putting HB into religious education and hopefully children's choir.  I want him to work on his social skills and I really think sitting at home and playing with his brother is doing him no favors.  He needs to deal with situations he's not familiar with and build on his independence.
7) I also plan on doing preschool at home this year for Knee.  It makes sense if we're going to be doing speech therapy and dealing with HB to have a little more flexible schedule.  Plus preschool is expensive.  We don't qualify for head start and programs like that.

Now to clean my house and make lunch!

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