Friday, July 31, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #Schoolregistration

1) On Monday I pulled the kids in the wagon down the street to register HB for school.  This is Arizona so I was hot and sweaty.  Then after I gave them the documents that they need (which only includes a birth certificate; to my knowledge immigrants don't have to provide immigration documentation which is what Canada requires).  I had to fill out paper work.  It was the standard stuff.  When all was said and done the secretary asked me if I was busy today and which orientation would I like to go to.

2) Stay at home moms usually get annoyed when we hear the words "busy."  We're always busy.  Fortunately our schedules are usually fairly flexible.  So things like housework can wait.  I told her I was free and signed up.  I ran home, fed the children, and then proceeded to run back to the school.  I was originally thinking this orientation would be quick since it is during the day.  Two hours later I was ready to go home.  Knee had fallen asleep for part of it.

3) HB's teacher will be on maternity leave until October.  In the meantime he'll have the same substitute.  This is a bit taxing.  Autistic children do not like change.  They also have a hard time reading people so may not pick up on cues from the teacher.  And he'll have to do this twice.  :(  Maybe they assigned him to this teacher because she has experience with special needs children.  We'll see how it goes.

4) The children had to go to the dentist on Wednesday.  HB had the hardest time with this.  He didn't like being numbed. 

5) Thursdays are our Bible Study group.  The down side is it's about a 45 minutes drive across town.  The upside is there's free child care and it's during the day.  The children enjoy it.  I tell them that "we're going to see our friends."  I'm not sure what I should call it for them.  Any ideas?

6) Hubby's been branded.  Apparently those free clothes are free because they contain a work logo on the pocket.  It's a strange logo.  It's supposed to be a cactus with a crescent moon looped near it.  When I first asked Hubby about it, I thought it looked like a trident.  I think they need a new graphic design. 

7) My ultra sound came back normal, which means they didn't notice anything odd like cancerous tumors.  I did blood work today so we'll see what that says.  I've also started a series: Laudato Si in your Home.  It's articles about applying the principals of Laudato Si in your house.  So far the main ones have tackled air conditioning and water usage.  So head over and read.

How has your week been fairing? 

Thanks to This Ain't the Lyceum.

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