Thursday, July 23, 2015

Common Falsehoods about Pro-lifers

Sometimes I read stuff about pro-lifers from pro-abortionists and it makes my eyes roll so hard.  I'm sure many of my usual readers would agree that it gets real old, real fast.  So I'm writing this post mostly to have something to link to when these things crop up rather than constantly repeating myself.  If I miss one, please list it in the comments.

1) "Typical nutcase males that want to control a woman's right to choose. Stay out of it"- I'll start with the obvious.  I'm female.  In fact from my experiences in the pro-life movement, many of my fellow pro-lifers are female.  I don't have an exact figure, but I would wager to guess that most vocal pro-lifers are female.  So it's a total lie to say that only men care or are trying to control women.  There are women out there who want to protect other women....the unborn ones.  This is not to say we don't try to protect unborn men either.

2) "right wing men seem to know what's best for women" /sarcasm- Being pro-life is not a political affiliated issue.  There are many many many many different types of pro-lifers from all sorts of political groups.  Granted many of us are conservatives.  However pro-lifers recognize that the unborn is a person and deserves protection to one degree or another.  That's what we all have in common.

3) "If they overturn Roe v. Wade, it's time for some looting & pillaging...starting with churches."- It's also common to think that all pro-lifers are religious, but that's not true.  Secular Pro-life is a site dedicated to those without any religious affiliation.  Their founder is agnostic.  

4) Discussion about reducing the abortion rate among black people in NYC "Like for example legislating a livable minimum wage? Improved education in poor areas and more accessible higher education? Legislation for paid maternity leave and improved employment conditions for working parents? And yet...the people that oppose these initiatives also oppose abortion."-

 I'll just requote myself here from another blog: "That's simply not true. Conservatives and liberals disagree about how to implement those changes not that those changes should never happen. Take the voucher program for example. That's a conservative-backed initiative and one that Obama doesn't support."

Furthermore as I pointed out pro-lifers come from all over the political spectrum.  We don't always agree about how to reduce the abortion rate, but we want to try to reduce it all the same.  

5) "yes, the right is in favor of actually-born women dying by the thousands. there clearly isn't a single already-born American the right doesn't hate and wish death upon."-

You could modify this quote to be basically pro-lifers only care about the baby not the mother.  

Considering how much legislation pro-lifers have pushed for to make abortions safer that have been opposed by pro-abortionists, I think this is simply false.  If a pro-abortionist truly cared about having safe and legal abortions, why is there such a gross negligence about safety?  Kermit Gosnell is not some anomaly.   There are numerous cases where women with perforated uteri were left to bleed inside abortion clinics for too long before someone called for outside help.  There was one case where a frantic husband was barred from helping his wife and ran outside and sought help who were outside protesting.  They called 9-1-1 and helped the lady inside.  There's also been cases of post-abortive women who were in no condition to return home helped by pro-lifers outside abortion clinics.  We care very much.  We're the one running post-abortive programs for women.  I don't see any out there from pro-abortionists.

And yes, those are real quotes from people who've posted things around the internet.  Pray for these people please.

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