Friday, August 7, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #GoodNewsBadNews

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 1) Turns out that I do indeed suffer from hypothyroidism.  My doctor gave me a script for thyroid medication.  I'm to take it and in 8 weeks go back for another blood test to make sure it doesn't need to be adjusted (it's pretty common that it has to be adjusted).  Every year I'll have to have blood test to make sure the medication is working.  Thankfully I don't have an enlarged thyroid or thyroid cancer.  This just seems to be run-of-the-mill hypothyroidism.

2) This is also good news for me spiritually.  Hypothyroidism causes a myriad of health problems including fatigue.  I chalked up my sloth to my lack of will power.  I knew I was exhausted but I thought all moms feel this way.  How come I can't seem to get a grip?  It's true that I could improve in this area, but now that I know there's a medical problem, I feel much better.  It's a venial matter not a mortal one.  I can stop beating myself up over it and give it God.  I can trust in God's mercy (and medical science) to help get past this sin.  Such a relief.

3) HB started his first day of school yesterday.  They are really on top of things.  I wanted to make sure that the substitute was aware that he was autistic so I wrote her a little note describing things (I have no idea if she has any knowledge of autism or what her background is).  The school's speech therapist called me personally to tell me that he was interacting with students and laughing at jokes.  She thought he was adjusting well.  Made me feel better.  Autistic people don't always handle new situations well.  He came home telling me everything that happened and admonishing me for forgetting his "lunch pail" (I guess you take the kid out of Canada but you'll never completely take the Canada out of the kid).  Don't worry.  I did send him lunch money and specifically instructing him that he was going to buy his lunch.  He didn't quite understand what that meant until lunch time.  After we got home, I went through the school menu with him to show him their lunches are more interesting (and kid-friendly) then mine are.  More choices.  Warm food.  Win-win.  He's buying lunch again so we'll see how he feels about it.

4) While I had her on the phone, I asked her about speech for Knee.  The district does speech for 3 and up.  She gave a referral for their early learning center.  I'll have to call them up after I finish lunch.  She said now is a good time to call because they'll be setting up stuff now.  She said it's good that I've already had him evaluated and should just get the paper work on that sent in.

5) Oh, and I forgot to say the rest of my labs are fine.  My liver functions are normal.  My cholesterol is excellent so chances for a heart attack are super slim.  I'm not anemic (which runs in the family) and the doc thinks if I take magnesium on a regular basis that I should be able to knock out my migraines for good.  Having good health is such a plus.  When the body is not functioning properly it can take a hit to ones soul.

6) Hubby is doing well. Work seems to be going decently for him although his previous employer wants him (and the rest of the crew) to churn out a paper by September.  His health seems to be good too.  Although he did have a polyp a few years ago, which is unusual for his age.  So he'll have to go in for regular screenings for the rest of his life.  The good thing is the likelihood that my husband will die from colon cancer is so slim since the polyp was caught so early.  The funny thing is there's no family history of colon-rectal cancer.  So it's truly a miracle.  One I didn't put into prospective until mentioning it to my doc.  "Wow, that young and no family history." she said in amazement.  Yep, we're blessed.

7) Usually I have a 7th one, but I guess I'll just leave you with- my schedule has been messed up lately so I apologize for not churning out a Laudato Si in your home yet.  I'll get on it when things have gotten into a better routine.

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