Friday, August 14, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #RedemptiveSuffering

1) My meds are truly life altering.  And no, I don't mean that I feel better.  I still feel my same sucky self because it took a while to get to this point so it's going to take a while to heal.  What I mean is that in order for my meds to be effective I have to 1) take them in the morning on an empty stomach 2) wait an hour before I can ingest anything besides water and 3) any vitamins or pain meds I have to wait 4 hours later at least to take.  So if I pull a muscle I have to live with it.  I get a head ache.  I must suck it up.  And if I'm still so tired in the morning, I cannot drink any caffeinated beverage (and yes, you coffee lovers that means coffee too) in the morning.  Talking about redemptive suffering.  And I'm sucking horribly at it.

2)  It's been officially a week of school.  Knee is set to be evaluated by the school district for speech therapy in September.  So for now we are frustrating each other.  I have learned that my youngest child is irritatingly a perfectionist.  We built and painted a toy boat.  I've never see a three year old get so upset that the least bit of wood is not blue.  He's also getting into drawing.  He makes really nice people figures, but usually it starts with him wanting me to draw and him saying my people "look silly" in other words wrong.  Finally like I'm stupid or something, he decides to draw him own persons which may or may not result in his being unhappy with his own product.  I used to like arts and crafts.

3) HB on the other hand has also been having off days.  He got into a scuffle with a friend.  He also told me this morning that he doesn't like his school because "it's boring."  I can sympathize.  I'm sure it's annoying to have to work on basics like colors, counting, and letters when you are reading books.  His problem is not academics; it's social skills.  I'd try to get him promoted a grade to avoid the boredom but AZ discourages it for kindergarten and socially he's behind.  I am hoping to get a meeting with the psychologist to address many of my concerns (like his current habit of spinning) and what the education plan is for someone like him.

4) Hubby's been working like a maniac lately.  He's also been goofing off a bit lately too.  Last night he got home around 11pm from playing a board game which he said took an hour to explain.  An hour?  And that's not even playing it?  I swear who are these people and why do I call them my family.  I think I'm in the wrong house.  They are way too smart and more industrious than I am.

5) Oh, and the latest popular thing to do is call someone stupid.  I think that it arises from me yelling at my computer and calling it stupid.  My 3 year old picked it up and now it's "HB is so stupid" and "Dad is stupid"  :/  The irony is not lost on me that no one in my house is in fact stupid or close to being so.

6) I haven't been doing much this week if you don't count house work and phone tag.  I kinda like it that way.  Makes it easier to get used to this new schedule.

7) I'm really having a hard time coming up with 7 takes.  So I'll just wrap this thing up.

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