Saturday, August 1, 2015

Common Mis-understandings from Pro-Same-sex Marriage advocates

Gari Melchers- Public Domain painting

1) Homosexual passages in the Bible are outdated.  Do you wear garments woven with multiple fibers? Do you eat shellfish? -

Well that's more of a question for Jews.  Since I'm not Jewish, those things don't apply to me.  The passages about homosexuality are in the New Testament as well as the Old Testament.  Plus it's natural law- copulation requires complimentary sex parts.  As Christians we follow the New Covenant laws from the New Testament and natural law.

2) ".....You've never gossiped! Because if you had done any of these things even once, then you have committted (sic) a serious sin against God. Hypocrite!"-

There's a distinct difference between knowing that you are sinner, feeling remorse for your sins, and condemning sin than knowing that you're a sinner (or perhaps not), feeling little remorse, and condoning such sins.  I know that I am a sinner and have gossiped (among other things).  I urge caution among my friends to watch that their words don't turn into gossip.  I would never encourage gossip even if I'm apt to gossip myself.  It's my struggle.  Likewise having same-sex attraction is a struggle.  I commend my fellow Christians who carry that cross for doing so.  I condemn the actions of others who lay their cross down or simply deny it.  That's the difference.

3) "And you are STILL whining and moaning about the SCOTUS decision? Do you think that throwing an online tantrum will make ANY difference? Treasure the time you have left. Macrame. Feed pigeons. Sweep the sidewalk. Do ANYTHING more productive than advertising your misery about a done deal for all the world to see. Sheesh."-

See I don't think that this is a done deal.  I think this is just the beginning: the beginning of those taking a stand for the Truth.  I'm sorry that you view this stand as "whining and moaning" but I will not sit idly by when something wrong has occurred.  It's your choice to listen or not listen.

4) "My interpretation (of the Constitution) is that "all people are created equal" and therefore a person who is gay should be able to exercise his/her right to "marry" under the laws of this country. This is not a threat to traditional marriage"- 

Perhaps it's not a threat to traditional marriage (although there are studies that suggest that all rates drop when ssm is made law).  It is a threat to religious liberty cf florists, bakers, venue renters, t-shirt makers, etc.  It's a threat to children since mothers and fathers are now interchangeable.  And all gay people could marry before the SCOTUS ruling under the laws understanding of marriage.  It's understandable that a gay man may not want to marry a woman, but he could have.  Marriage isn't a right.  Legally speaking you have to have consent so if no one agrees to marry you, well, then you don't have the right to get married.

5) Jesus never said anything against homosexuality-

He never explicitly condemned rape either, but most people know how wrong that is.  Jesus however did leave clues.  In Matthew 19, Jesus is asked about divorce.  At the end of his discourse (Matt 19:12), he specifies that some are born unable to marry, other are made unable to marry, and some choose to forsake marriage.  Who do you think he was addressing if not homosexuals?  Clearly Jesus knew that some people could never marry through no fault of their own.

6) Why can't you just let people who love each other get married?- 

It would be nice to say that marriage is about romance and love, but that's not a fundamental requirement of marriage.  To my knowledge no immigration form or marriage license says "do you love this person."  There are arranged marriages in which the persons are total strangers prior to marriage.  The purpose of marriage is for the uniting of couples to potentially give life and raise up children.  If it sounds stark, then perhaps because in some marriages it is rather stark.  One certainly hopes that that isn't the case, but having known a few older people (and history) sometimes that is what happens.  Love takes many forms even within a marriage and not always is it romantic.

Some of these are real quotes.  Some of these are things repeatedly said in their most basic forms.  Please pray for these people.  Thank you!

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