Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Incident is Not Unusual

I mentioned what happened on Friday to some friends of mine and the Husband pointed me to this recent news bit...

DCS spokesman Doug Nick said the reminder comes after their recent semi-annual report, which was gathered between October 2014 through March 2015, showed the agency received more than 25,000 calls. Only between 12 and 24 percent of those were actually substantiated.
Basically people are making allegations against parents which are "not true or pranks."  My friends said practically all of his neighbors have been reported for child abuse even though there's no actual abuse or reasonable suspicion of abuse.  It's been so bad that the police are starting to crack down by reminding the public (via this news piece and how my friend heard it on the radio) that they can earn themselves jail time, a fine, a misdemeanor for making false reports. 

It's that bad.  So Hubby believes the woman made that call not because she was being altruistic in someway (concerned about us walking in the heat) but because she thought I was being rude for walking off.  In other words, she did so out of revenge.

On the one hand, it makes me feel better because I now realize that the police are aware that people are doing this.  In this day in age a person doesn't have to go out of their way to be vindictive by finding pay phone.  I'm sure her cell phone was in her car.  Thus it's becoming easier to lie.  So now I have less of a concern of being labeled. 

That said...it's really sad that people are doing this to other people.  It's also diabolical.  So if you would, please send up a few prayers on behalf of the State of Arizona.  Lying is a major sin especially if you are deliberately doing it out of a sense of revenge.  Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us!

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