Friday, September 25, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #autism #disabilities #imagodei

1) This week was overall pretty quiet.  I went to the optometrist and now I need new glasses.  Having gone years as being severely near sighted, I now have astigmatism.  She told me to quit rubbing my eyes.  Yeah.  That's hard when your eyes itch so much and you wake up with one dreadfully swollen every morning.

2) Knee has been a bit of pill this week.  He threw up on Tuesday but I think it was just something he ate because after that he was fine.  So fine that he ended up kicking me and whatnot when I strapped him into his car seat. 

3)HB has been doing fine.  He had picture day yesterday and today it's clown day.  I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure I'll find out later.

4) Hubby has been trying to bang out a paper on Thursdays but finds he can't go anywhere that's quiet.  His office is a cubicle where he's frequently getting distracted.  Not even the local library.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I'll just tell him to borrow HBs headphones/ear muffs when they come in.

5) I've written a number of posts this week that you may or may not enjoy.  This one is about nighttime prayers in our houseThis one is about how people often erroneously blame bad parenting as the cause of a child's poor behaviorAnd finally this one is about the term "ableist" being slung about over any form of disagreement. 

6) In that vein I recently got into a discussion with someone who I would describe as a pro-abortionist.  The exchange was rather diabolical.  Most of the time pro-choicers believe that abortion is okay for the disabled for altruistic reasons.  They don't want the child to suffer or the parents to suffer.  Whatever that means.  But this women was awful.  She called me selfish for having a disabled child.  She said that she was superior to me both because she refuses to have children and because of genetics.  Her descriptions where to say that those with a disability are "genetically inferior."  Never mind that some are born the way they are apart from genetics.  She said that HB is a burden.  This came along with the usual rhetoric that children are parasites and the myth of overpopulation.  She never did address how she felt about forced abortions or the extinction of certain ethnic groups but agreed with one-child policy.  She also back tracked when I asked her if Dan Aykroyd was a burden or genetically inferior or should have been aborted because he has Tourettes and Autism.  She said it was his mother's choice.  Yet I'm selfish.  Please pray for these people.  The Deceiver is working on them as they cannot see Logic at all. 

7) Also pray for me.  This Saturday I attend a Women's Retreat.  I'm hoping it will be a orthodox one.  Thank you.

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