Friday, September 18, 2015

7 Quick Takes #HorribleReads #Autism

1) I've tried. I just simply can't. I love reading Young Adult Fiction. The Hunger Games was easy to plow through. I had no qualms with no mention of religion, but rather natural law being perpetuated. I loved the Divergent Series which was written by a Christian and so it had Christianity seamlessly throughout.  I even tolerated the Percy Jackson books because they are updated Greek myths.  But I can't get into the Mortal Instrument series.  The whole notion that all religious beliefs are the same or are myths made me what to scream "HERESY!" every few pages.  The fact that the author states that her religious beliefs are private just speaks volumes to me.  I get that JK Rowling sorta hid her beliefs until the series was over because she felt it would give too much away.  But what is Cassandra Clare's excuse?  From where I sit I don't see anything promoting Christianity. 16 year olds in night clubs? drinking? Is that even legal? And I can't believe that some of the scenes take place in churches with it being downplayed.  No.  I'm sorry I just can't.

2) Knee got his stitches out on Monday.  He's got a scab.  He didn't like the guy snipping them.  He said it hurt.  He seems to be healing well.  I don't imagine he'll have a big scar or anything.

3) HB's behavior has improved a bunch.  His bounce in his step is back.  I bought him some ear muffs- the kind you would use at rock concerts or shooting ranges- to help him in social situations outside of school.  And I plan on making him a weighted lap buddy.  I have some scrap fabric and I'm going to purchase some rice. 

4) We met with his religious ed teachers on Sunday.  I gave them the low down on HB.  They seem very familiar with autism, which is kind of hard to escape these days if you have ever taught anything.  I warned them that the first class will probably be okay, but after that it really all depends.  Since it's only once a week, it may not even phase him.  But that's why I bought the ear muffs (which hence forth shall be called head phones even though that's not what they do).  If it works in school, why wouldn't it work for Sunday school.

5) I signed up for a retreat.  I'm a little apprehensive. The subject is about women and our role in the Church which given that this is the Diocese of Tucson and I'm unfamiliar with this priest could go sideways.  I have no desire to have to put on my "correcting the ignorant" hat on.  But it could also be fantastic.

6) This year we decided to take a train to visit family for Christmas.  I think it will be an adventure and hopefully not a total disaster.  Hubby and I are sick of the plane.

7) Tonight it's moon observation night at the University.  Since there's no school tomorrow, Hubby and I thought it would be fine to let the kids stay up a little late and do some fun space-related stuff.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thanks to This Ain't the Lyceum.

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