Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #Zoo #Kids

1) Tuesday night Knee was playing on a exercise ball and slid off and into a corner.  I thought he had broken his nose, but he ended up splitting the skin between his eyes.  Blood everywhere.  We took him to urgent care where he got 5 stitches.  He gets them out on Monday.  For now I call him franken-baby.  Scared me to death.  The doc says he was lucky that he missed his eyes.

2) This morning he got it into his franken baby head to take off down to HB's school.  I was trying to get him to slow down and stop without chasing after him.  Chasing him turns into a game and I'm more concerned about him simply running into traffic.  Well at the corner there was a bunch of middle schoolers waiting for the bus.  They watched the whole scene.  A couple of them starting chanting "go, go" until I screamed at them and gave them a mini-lecture on how their dangerous their behavior was.  You don't encourage 3 year olds to run around near busy streets.  That's just dumb.  Later when we were walking back, three of them on purpose waited for me and then apologized.  Middle schoolers do a lot of dumb things.  We all do from time to time.  But it restored my faith that they will grow up to be respectable gentlemen.  Anyone who can humble themselves enough to realize their mistakes and apologize for them earns my respect.  I wish more adults conducted themselves that way, but often pride gets in the way.  I'm sure those middle schoolers from here on out will remember to protect younger kids instead of encouraging them to get into trouble and hurt.

3) HB has been getting a lot of help at school.  His teacher mentioned that he's got an IEP now, which is fantastic.  The OT for the district stopped by and brought a ton of things for him to use in the classroom.  He's used some sound blocking head phones when his classmates get too loud during free play.  He's also been excused from recess which he said was the worst part of school for him and incidentally when he behaves the worst.  The Special Ed teacher for the past two mornings has been going out to meet him.  Both her and one other teacher are amazed at how well he reads.  The one teacher remarked that he was reading the sayings on a poster on her wall.  HB has a fantastic memory.  He doesn't read the words phonetically so much as he has them all memorized.  Yesterday the Special Ed teacher asked me how to spell Knee's real name.  She remarked that he could spell it perfectly.  I told her that I had to explain it to him especially the fact that the "f" sound in it is actually spelled with a "ph".  I only had to tell him once.  Today she wants him to read some Dr. Seuss.  Did I mention that HB reads a grade level at least above?  Now if only we could improve his penmanship.  That's definitely at kindergarten level.

4) Knee was evaluated today at the learning center for speech.  They didn't see anything pathological nor does he have hearing problems.  So he doesn't qualify for preschool.  They suggested using the private speech therapist and signing up for head start.  We don't qualify for head start so I doubt he could get into the program.  They said his speech is emerging and should continue to improve but if it doesn't to come back in 6 months.   

5) I've been feeling much better.  I think my body has finally gotten ahold of the medication.  Now I feel tired enough to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep a full night. 

6) Hubby's been working hard.  Lots and lots of projects these days.

7) Monday we took the children to the zoo.  They had a blast and were thoroughly worn out. 

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  1. Replies
    1. IEP- individualized education plan

      If he has one, they can do a lot more one on one things with him. He can also pass into a different grade at the end of the year so long as he passes what's expected of him (which wouldn't be different than other children b/c he doesn't have academic problems)

      OT- occupation therapy

      They work with them on gross and fine motor skills and also help with sensory issues. In HB's case it's to help him use sensory tools in the classroom to calm down like a weighed lap buddy and sound proofing head phones.


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