Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yes, We're Intolerant

I recently read an op-ed piece complaining about how religious accommodation looks more akin to intolerance.  The way that it reads is that religious people have a problem serving certain types of people: divorcees, gays, Jews, blacks, and so forth.  But that's not it.  Nope we're intolerant of certain behaviors.

In the Kim Davis case and the judge from Oregon, the issue is not with gay people themselves.  The issue is that they are intolerant of being forced to recognize or marry a gay couple.  We are intolerant of behavior.

In the cases of florists, bakers, photographers, and those involved in the wedding industry, they are intolerant too.  Intolerant to being a part of certain weddings.

I can understand that society has a hard time distinguishing between being tolerant of people but not being tolerant of behaviors.  It's been ingrained from the sexual revolution that you are repressed person if you choose not to act on your desires.  The media often associates the poor behavior choices of celebrities with the celebrity.  It's no longer a society in which a person can be separated from what they do. If you're a drug addict, it's hard to find support to get out and hard to convince people that your past poor behavior doesn't define you.  Just ask Robert Downey Jr.  

So yes, religious people don't tolerate sin.  We aren't going to celebrate it.  We aren't going to uphold it. We are going to resist sin.  This makes us equally intolerant of being complicit in other people's sin.  No religious person is going to be accommodating and tolerant to such bad behavior.  Sorry, but you're going to have to get over that.  Go ahead call me intolerant.  I embrace taking such a stand against sin.  Furthermore, you cannot force us to comply and be tolerant to sin.  You'll simply have to jail us all.

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