Friday, October 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #Boys #FallBreak

1) Not this past weekend but the one before, I had a great time at the retreat.  It was rather orthodox.  The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (the one from Spain) hosted us at their convent.  The overall theme was to be more of Martha and less of Mary these days.  Mass was lovely.  In addition to the Sisters who always wear a veil with their habit there were three women who wore mantillas.  I naturally forgot mine. :(  The Sisters also gave everyone a third class relic from some martyred Sisters from their order.  I've never had a relic so now it sits high on a book shelf away from children bent on destroying things.

2) Last weekend we were at two fall festivals.  One was for my former church and the other was Brat Fest.  The kids had a lot of fun.  This weekend we plan on attending an event at the Biosphere II.  So thrilled!

3) The oldest is off today and has half days for three days followed by two days off for fall break.  I have a great line up of things for this week. 
Today it's all about fireflies.  Here's project one.  This idea came from the Nocturnal Animals crafting box from Green Kid Crafts.  The box was a promo and meant for one child, but since I already had a lot of the tools on hand I was able to make it work for two children.  Aren't they cute?!

4) What is not so cute is this:
That was yesterday evening.  Knee threw a rock and broke the sliding glass door.  This morning the guy was out to fix it.  At first I thought he would have to use plywood because the door is safety glass, but it's completely fixed now.  I thought it was going to cost a fortune, but no.  It was surprisingly less than what it cost to fix Hubby's door window after some teenagers went around smashing up different cars.  Still yesterday was not a good time.  I'm not sure how you make a 3 year old atone for something like this.  It's not like he's 8 and you'd give him more chores or tell him to write lines about not throwing things or tell him he'll have to miss going to play at a friend's house.  Kinda limited on what chores he can do anyway, can't write, and he doesn't really have play dates as it is.

5) Last Sunday HB had his safety/compliance thingy.  I thought it would be along the lines of don't touch people's private parts and don't let them touch yours.  I mean that's why they started all these teaching kids about safety in the first place.  But alas no.  It was stranger danger.  When I found that out, I immediately told him that there is no such thing as stranger danger.  I explained that strangers are actually very helpful.  If you get lost, go find a stranger.  If you get hurt, ask a stranger for help.  It's people that you know like teachers that you have to be more careful around.  You shouldn't be getting into teachers' cars without permission.  You shouldn't touch a teachers' private parts either.  Because statistically speaking the most likely person to harm a child is one who knows the child but isn't biologically related.  People who can groom a child.  Not to say that you should get in a stranger's car either.  But pedophiles like to get to know their victims so they can manipulate them.  They also like to target special needs children since they are easier to ply and harder to understand what happens.  I mean a neurotypical child who is abused acts different: withdrawn, defiant, etc.  But an autistic child already acts that way so it's more difficult to discover if something wrong is happening.  That's why special needs children don't need this stranger danger garbage.  They need real tools and a real grasp of what's inappropriate otherwise they are easy targets.  Scary and sickening to say, but it needs to be said.  Educate your children.

6) I'm considering joining a Third Order.  I'm pretty sure that I'm called to do so.  At first I leaned toward the Carmelites, but then I thought about the Benedictines.  I just need to get out there are start making inquiries to see where I fit.  Finding the time however is another matter.

7) Hubby is going out for a bit of fun tonight.  He was invited by a friend.  I'm glad he's getting breaks.  I think it makes him a more relaxed person.

Bonus: How many Quick Takes Have I done?  I have no idea.  Honestly, I rarely use those labels so I have no way of being able to keep track accurately.  It looks like 31 on an initial search but that's a rough estimate.

Thanks to This Ain't the Lyceum!

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