Friday, October 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #Brainy #Outings

1) My children are smart.  Now I know when a parent says this, they usually mean to be bragging, but when I say it I mean it in a sort of startling/wonder and awe way.  You have to understand that my oldest, HB, is in kindergarten.  He is autistic.  He statistically speaking should struggle academically not just socially/emotionally (which he is behind in).  He has a brain disorder.  Now I understand that sometimes the brain hard-wires itself to excel in areas while it can't in others.  I've heard stories of children who have physical problems confined to hospital beds actually talking very early because the brain just puts energy into areas like that.  I knew HB was reading well.  He started reading a year ago.  But tonight his kindergarten teacher said she has been trying to figure out where his reading comprehension level is.  So she asked the reading specialist to evaluate him so that she would know what to be challenging him with.  The reading specialist said he reads somewhere at a third or forth grade level.  She's not sure but she said he could be as high as fifth grade.  Hard to tell with him.  She cautioned that some of the books would have topics not suitable for a kindergarten aged child.  She suggested giving him the Little House on the Prairie series to read on his own.  On his own!  In a year he reads at least third grade level?!  And the kindergarten teacher is reading Harry Potter to/with him.  Harry Potter?!  That's meant for ten year olds?!  He's only been reading a year and He's not even six yet!?  He's in frackin' kindergarten?!  As his mother, I must say, he's already smarter than I am.  What is he going to be like later on?  Is he going to be read the Lord of the Rings with me in fifth grade?  I think you understand me.

2) Now I did say children, plural.  While Knee is average and typical for being almost four, he has his own special skills that I hazard to guess he gets from other relatives.  To say he is meticulous about art is an understatement.  His spacial comprehension is off the charts as far as I can surmise.  Today we dropped off HB at school.  He had brought along one of his lego creations.  The principal thought it was one of those Star Wars ships that you put together as a kit.  It wasn't.  Knee created and built the darn thing himself out of various lego parts (some of which I'm sure are from Star Wars kits).  And it looked like a freakin' space ship.  Not the kind your average four year old would build, but it had wings and seats and stuff.  I wish I had a picture.  I think when I start working more with him on letters we need to focus on writing them or creating them rather because, man, he puts my lego building skills to shame.  To shame!  It must be some recessive genes have some mad engineering skills 'cause I've got a great-uncle who was a mechanic and a grandfather who was one too.  Both loved to tinker, but it's not a skill I or my husband have.  So there you go.  Should have named him Alvin (which was my great-uncle, God rest his soul).  Not to mention of course his love for cooking. I know where he got that creative streak.  His Grammy because nobody on my family cooks with quite that level of flare.  I think I need to pair those two up over the holidays.

3) To completely veer off topic, I've looked into school choices for next year.  I like that Arizona has a voucher program set-up.  Gives us options.  I asked HB about it but he says he likes his school and wants to remain there.  I figure in middle school I should look into getting him into a specialized school of some sort (magnet or charter) because my fear is that at that age he'll get bored and into trouble.  Not sure if we'll still be in Arizona, but I want to be armed with information for the future. 

4) Our weeks have been busy ones.  We went to the Biosphere II.  I don't really recommend it for little kids.  It's interesting, but our kids got quickly bored.  They don't quite get the fascination with the plants and biomes, history, engineering, and current research.  It's neat for older children though I'm sure.
The Solar Club had a display outside. Left-right: Knee, Hubby, HB, and Solar people
5) We also went to the Pumpkin Patch.
The Corn Maze, which we got lost in for a while
This they liked quite a bit.  But who wouldn't like a petting zoo, playground, corn mazes, jumping pillows, mini-train rides, and picking out pumpkins.  A little overwhelming with the sheer volume of people.  Maybe next year we'll go early or during a week day.

6) We also did crafts over fall break.
Star constellations.  Can you guess whose is whose? I'll help you out; my Orion is on the far right.  Given what I've said I'm sure you can figure out HB's and Knee's. 
7) And tonight it was fall Harvest Festival at HB's school.  They had a food, jumping castles, rock climbing, carny styled games, cheap books, and face painting.  I volunteered to man a game.  I think the kiddos enjoyed it. 

Fall is such a busy time of year isn't it?  What are your plans for fall?

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