Friday, October 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #LiturgicalCalendar

1) Tomorrow marks the beginning of AllHallowTide or the Triduum of All Saints.  Yes, it is a real Catholic holy thingy.  No it's not pagan.  It's like the Easter Triduum although the focus isn't on death and resurrection of Christ as it is the death and resurrection of Saints.  Still important though because it's the perfect time for indulgences for those in purgatory.  So get out there on Saturday and go to confession. Then go to Mass on All Saints. Walk over to a cemetery and offer up prayers.  Get someone out of purgatory.  Win!

2) The crazy thing is last year HB went to a Catholic school and they totally did not play up Halloween like they are at his secular public school in the States.  I count this as a blessing from God.  We still have God everywhere even if he's literally in disguise. 

3) Advent starts in a little over a month.  I go overboard with Advent even though it's supposed to be the Little Fast.  But understandable we are to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ and that means also getting our houses set up for the King's arrival.  So bring on the Advent decor!  Bring on the violet!

4) This year I've got my crazy Advent Calendar to put up.  I'm making an Advent Wreath for my mailbox.  Yes I know I'm picking up a lot of Lutheran traditions.  It's fine, ultra-traditionalists.  But if it makes you feel better this year I'm creating a Jesse Tree, which is a Catholic tradition that many Protestants have adopted.  A Jesse Tree is the genealogy of Jesus based on the Biblical passages in Matthew and Luke.  Just to make the ultras happy, I'm only including the actual relatives listed in the Bible and tacking on the O Antiphons on the end.  The O Antiphons start December 17 and are sung during Vespers.  This decision was made after much head ache but deciding to be traditionally Catholic.  I've got to make a felt ornament a day with some room to be able to create the tree itself out of felt much like my tapestry of an Advent Calendar.  Then I will combine the two.  Meaning the ornaments go in the calendar's pockets and placed one at a time on the tree. 

5) Since you are probably wondering what the ornament list will be, here's what I'm doing.
Adam&Eve- apple
Noah- rainbow
Abraham- camel&tent
Sarah- cradle w/stars
Judah (brother of Joseph b/c not directly descended)- silver coins
Rahab- rope
Ruth- wheat
Jesse- tree stump
David- harp
Solomon- scales
John the Baptist (he's a relative although Jesus is not descended)- sea shell
Joachim and Anne- Immaculate conception silhouette 
Joseph- tools
Mary- pierced heart
Jesus is Wisdom- Book
Jesus is Lord- burning bush
Jesus is flower of Jesse- flower
Jesus is Key of David- Key
Jesus is Radiant Dawn- sunrise
Jesus is King of Gentiles- crown
Jesus is Emmanuel- chalice&host
extra-Jesus is Light of the World- Candle

I'm still debating whether I should include John the Baptist who is not in the list but is in the Bible or Joachim and Anne who aren't listed under those names but rather simply as Jacob in the Gospel of Matthew.  Joachim comes from the Protevangalium of James and that's the only known use of the name.  So?  I'm leaning toward Joachim & Anne, but what do you think?

6) In the midst of this is Thanksgiving and a birthday.  I love this time of year but it keeps me hugely busy. 

7) I'm super excited about purchasing a used Christmas tree.  We got rid of our leaning trash tree and my Charlie Brown special which worked when I lived in only 500 square feet by myself.  I'm also currently reading In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden which is about a Benedictine monastery. 

So how are you keeping busy over these shifts in the Liturgical Calendar? Do tell.

Thanks to This Ain't the Lyceum for hosting!

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  1. I think it's really cool you mention the Saintly Triduum of this weekend in relation to the Easter Triduum, except that this one is about the saints! That's a neat way of looking at it :) Also, can I just say that I think you are totally awesome for going all-out on Advent? I think Advent is great, and over the past couple years, I've been trying to incorporate Advent traditions more into our home, since it is a beautiful liturgical season and I think it's important to keep Advent as Advent (while not being a total Scrooge). Thanks for linking up with 7 Quick Takes! :)


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