Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Green Kid Crafts vs Kiwi Crate

Last week I was out sick with a cold.  This week the kids are under the weather.  HB has the same said cold.  Knee had a fever yesterday and binge-watched Netflix from the couch.  But he started getting bouncy yesterday evening and this morning insisted on going to the park.  I told him children, who haven't yet had a fever broken for 24 hours, don't need to be going to parks.  He was not happy.

This sickness thing has left me rather back-logged on crafty projects, house-hold chores, and blogging.  Fortunately Hubby helped me out with the house-hold chores part so I'm not terribly behind.  So on to the blogging...  Reviewing the two monthly- subscription craft box services for kids.  They also offer single purchase boxes.

Kiwi Crate

I received a Kiwi Crate through a promotion.  Kiwi Crate is run by the same company as Highlights, the children's magazine.  There are four age level Crates.  Each crate comes with a booklet, an idea pamphlet to help you with the activities and crafts, and supplies for crafts.  I chose the Koala Crate for Knee since he's 3- almost 4.  They sent me their standard first shipment which is on colors.

Colors are not terribly impressive to my child.  About the only thing he liked about the crate was it came with giant crayons.  Knee already knows his colors.  I tried to get him into mixing to make colors but it's above his skill level at this point so it only held his attention for so long.  The box also had a soft block in it.  To me that's a bit babyish.  The cover to the paints was broken.  I'm sure I could have requested a replacement but I didn't bother.  Neither one of us was rather impressed by the box at this point.

Because of my children's social levels they prefer to do the same activities at this point.  Plus the activities aren't usually repeated in my house.  My children like to move on so to speak.  If I try the same game again the next day, it's usually rejected.  This is probably because they are used to playing board games which are usually more complex and have some competition.

Kiwi Crate does have more interesting activities for older children.  I'm sure if I had a wider age range of children or much older children than that would be a good thing

Green Kid Crafts

I also received this as a promotional offer.  As far as I can tell the company is independent.  Green Kid Crafts has a STEM skills slant to it.  They often focus on the environment and encourage re-purposing materials (like water bottles) for their crafts.  The boxes aren't separated by age and are for ages 3-10.

Because of the wide-age range, you may have to help younger children.  Kiwi Crate has boxes designed for teenagers and clearly Green Kid Crafts is meant for the younger set.

The themes are interesting.  The kitchen science box has the children making bathroom stuffs (bath bombs and soap) in the kitchen.  The nocturnal creatures was crafty.  None of it was baby-ish or watered down.  I had to help Knee a little more but he enjoyed it so much more.  HB still remembers stuff about nocturnal animals.  There were 3-4 activities, but they also included ideas for other activities so you can flesh out the unit.  We did the nocturnal set over fall break and I plan to use the kitchen science (my mom purchased) over Veterans Day break.

Nobody paid me for the review or even asked me to review either subscription box.  These are my honest opinions.  All boxes were either purchased for me or were promotions the companies had that anyone could opt in.  If you are interested in purchasing a box, I can e-mail you are a referral for 10 dollars off.  If you click on my link, I will also receive 10 dollars off a box too.  This is for both companies.

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