Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent Calendar: Memorial of St. Bibiana

Today is the Memorial of St. Bibiana, she was a martyred saint who at one point because of her faith was stripped of all her possessions.

Things to do today:

Declutter.  St. Bibiana cheerfully was stripped of her possessions, but you don't have to wait for someone to take your stuff.  Go through your closets and weed out things you don't need or don't have sentimental value.  Donate them to a local shelter or St. Vincent de Paul Society or other charitable organization (keep in mind that the Salvation Army is a Christian sect that doesn't believe in the necessity of baptism).

Pray and Fast.  It is said that St. Bibiana prayed and fasted during her persecution.  Advent is a time of spiritual renewal and in the East is referred to as the Little Fast.

General Advent Things:

Have you some Advent Reflections to read?  There are numerous books and things that can be e-mailed to you this season.  I love Bishop Robert Barron (still getting used to thinking that. now if only the geek priest became a geek bishop....).   If you aren't a big reader, now is the time to find something to spiritually nourish you. 

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