Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar: Memorial of St. Natalia of Nicomedia

There is no Feast of a major saint today so I picked one of the many memorials that can be celebrated.  I decided on St. Natalia of Nicomedia who served the imprisoned.

Things to do today:

Pray for those persecuted and imprisoned for the faith.  St. Natalia knows all to well as she served Christian prisoners awaiting martyrdom under Emperor Diocletian.

Send blank Christmas cards to prisons or donate them to your local prison ministry.  Believe it or not many prisoners would love to send Christmas cards to friends and family who have stood by them as they try to change their lives.  Putting stamps on the envelopes would also be a nice touch.

Consider making a donation to a law group.  The Little Sisters of the Poor use The Becket Fund as their lawyers, but there are other law groups that represent a variety of religious liberty cases in our country.  They rely on donations as a source of income (it's not like the Little Sisters are rolling dough).

General Advent Things: The Christmas Movie Contraversy

There are two camps about watching Christmas movies during Advent: those who do and those who don't.  I can see both sides.  On the one hand many movies' time line begins during Advent, and the movie deals with themes of generosity and thankfulness, which are good to teach children prior to receiving a lot of presents.  On the other hand, watching too many Christmas movies can make one overload on "Christmas" so that by the time the Christmas season actually starts (which unlike my local Christian station says it's the 25th) one becomes sick of Christmas.

I think it requires a sense of balance.  You certainly can overload on movies and you do want to teach values during Advent.  So I save the classics as much as I can for the Christmas season, but I don't begrudge a Christmas movie either.  We've been known to watch Christmas films during Lent so....

If you subscribe to Netflix, here are some Christmas movies available.  You can decide whether to watch them now or save them for later.

A Christmas Carol (1938)
White Christmas (1954)
Christmas with the Kranks (2004)
Mickey's Once upon a Christmas (1999)
Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas (2009)
Mickey's Magical Christmas (2001) includes the Mickey version of A Christmas Carol
It's a Meaningful Life (2010) Veggie Tales

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