Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day Eight

"We have chairs!  *squeals* Okay we're going to use those instead.  Sorry."

I walked into my cardio class to find brutal-instructor realizing that there were chairs in our room.  She immediately got excited because apparently her chair routine is brutal.  She had everyone put their steps back (fortunately I hadn't gotten mine yet).  And we had the chair.

Now if you've ever gotten up early back-in-the-day and watched PBS broadcast, there's this sweet lady who did chair exercises.  You'd say to yourself that chair exercises are gentle and easy.  But alas the brutal-instructor does not do gentle and easy, dear readers.  She simply does not.  And she knows it because she started the class with "you will never look at a chair the same way again."


We did all sorts of leg exercises on the chair.  We did arm weights on the chair.  We did crunches on the chair.  And we also did squats, curtsies, and lunges not on the chair. 

It was brutal, but it wasn't as down-right awful as I was imagining when she cackled with glee.  There was a point when we were doing several lunges with weights that I thought I was getting a little dizzy so I started breathing better.  But that wasn't on the chair.

In other news: HB is going on a field trip that requires a little bit of hiking.  Knee is learning his letters.  We started 'Aa' today and he's been working on 'Oo, Xx, Ss' which are easy because the lower and upper case almost the same.  And Hubby has been working like a maniac.

How is your week going? 

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