Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day Five

"'s the kick butt instructor!"

Today we had the kick butt instructor from last week.  Maybe she's the regular instructor for Wednesdays?  This time it was much easier at least coordination wise.  She give us multiple sets of exercises with two types each.  So for example, we did push ups and then some sort of plank where you move your feet out.  We'd do each exercise for 20 seconds.  Then we'd take a break and do it again five times before moving onto a different set.  This was not to say that these exercises were easy because they most definitely were not.  But I was far more coordinated because they were basic exercises with multiple reps. 

*Gold exercising star*

I realize that it isn't just exercise that I'm going to have to change.  My husband has already been harping on how I should be counting my calories to make sure that I'm not over-eating as a result of the exercising.  *long suffering sigh*  But I have no plans on changing my diet drastically at the moment because that would be setting myself up for failure.  When making life style changes, it's generally recommended to do so slowly with multiple steps so that you (and your body) can adjust.  So I'm thinking maybe in February I'll begin a food diary/journal.  For now I think exercise is enough for this month.

In other news, Monday we purchased a slightly used furniture set.  We've been needing extra seating in the living room for a while now.  When we lived in London, we acquired a free couch but chucked it before we left.  So we've been down to our sad brown couch that we bought 8 years ago....used.  We've been talking about acquiring better and more pieces.  So we ended up answering a Craig's List ad and bought....a couch, a love seat, a small side table, and two poofs.  They look awesome.  I'll have to take a picture and upload it later.

It's also Knee's Name Day.  Since he has a rather common saint name, I picked this particular saint because it just fit.  His saint is a Korean martyr who was a husband and father.  After he lost his family, he became a catechist.  When the pagan government arrested him they offered him freedom to convert and he said "A Thousand Times No."  After being tortured they offered him the chance to convert and again he said "If you set me free, not only shall I continue to practice my religion, but I shall try my best to convert others to it."  He ended up bringing back to the faith several apostates while in prison.  In the end, he was strangled to death.  So in honor of this Korean martyr, I'm trying my hand at Korean lettuce wraps (and there's cake of course).  The wraps don't really seem that hard to make but we'll see how everyone feels about them. 

How is your week going so far?

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