Monday, January 18, 2016

Day Four can that be???!!!!!

So I gathered up the minions and my gym gear because I don't trust the minions enough not to kill each other while I take a shower.  I loaded them into the car and went to the gym.

You see even though it's a federal holiday, unlike in Canada where it's mandatory that non-essential workers do not work on holidays, it's up to businesses if they stay open or close for US holidays.  I checked last week to find out if they gym was open and if there was childcare (they are closing early today but yes childcare). 

I hurried the minions off to child care and stuffed my gym gear into a locker.  The instructor was different this time.  We were using a step to do the cardio part of the exercises.  Then we did weights with our arms.  It was less kick butt this time but required even more coordination on my part so we she said we were going to do "around-the-worlds" for part of the exercise routine I took her opt out suggestion and just did corner knee lifts.  Still managed to flub parts.

After the cardio class, I went to the locker room and took a shower.  I also weighed myself.  I weigh one pound more.  Nooooooooo!!!!!!

This weight doesn't make any sense because I had given blood the day before so I should weigh less.  I chalk it up to water retention.  I've had to drink a lot of water lately because of the giving blood thing.

Also am taking it easy now.  I think I got back into the routine too soon after giving blood.  May end up having to put off housework more until Tuesday. 

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  1. Been there, I know how frustrating that is. :0 So many things can cause 1-3 lb fluctuations in our weight, but when you're really watching the scale, it provides endless frustration. I know. Hang in there! You're doing the right things, and good things are happening in your body, regardless of what the scale says. :)


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