Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 12

Hi All!

The very-difficult instructor was in today.  And I would have preferred her chair routine because she did something (I forget the name) which involved a lot of floor exercises.  It involved a lot of jumping and a lot on the knees.  Lunges and squats of various sorts.  Then we did some arm exercises with weights that also involved more squatting and lunging.  Then we went to the floor to do some awful crunches and reverse crunches.  As one lady remarked "we are going to be sore tomorrow."  Yep.  And my abs were still protesting at the end.

Knee and I have been working on school work.  I'm sort of doing a Montessori-styled type of teaching.  To give you an idea, his snack was given to him on a number chart.  And he had to match up letter stickers to letters on a sheet of paper.  I tried to throw in some numbers with the stations of the cross, but he was about done for the day at that point.  Yesterday I handed him a fly swatter and had him swat at letters and numbers on a poster board and then work with magnetic letters.  I think on Friday I'm going to work on some pre-writing and do a craft.

I'm formulating ideas for the boys' Easter basket.  But my mind is leaning toward being crafty just to keep my fingers busy.  I've noticed a number of embroidery kits on etsy that might be fun to do during Easter, but for their baskets I'm thinking of embroidering some felt Easter eggs with Christian symbols.

So far my Lent has been going well.  I've managed to stick with my spiritual reading and praying the Divine Mercy chaplet.  The Divine Mercy chaplet has been very eye-opening.  Let me explain.  So when we pray the Hail Mary for example we say "pray for us sinners" and this makes sense because we are including ourselves and the whole world.  But with the Divine Mercy chaplet unless you are praying in a group it becomes redundant "have mercy on us and on the whole world."  See what I mean.  St. Faustina is recorded to have said "have mercy on me" and later added "and on the whole world."  With that in mind and since I'm praying it by myself, I shifted the wording from "us" to "me."  So the prayers are "Eternal Father, I offer you the body and blood, soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ in atonement for MY sins and the sins of the whole world."  And then "Because of His Most Sorrowful Passion have mercy on ME and on the whole world."

This little change has made a huge impact on me internally.  I can't quite explain it exactly other than to say it made things very personal.  Usually I pray for others and forget myself.  It's a rather bad habit born out of humility or pride, depending on how you view it.  Humility in that I try to put others first.  Pride in that I think I really don't need to ask for anything (ha ha).  Nonetheless we should be praying for ourselves as well (and asking others to pray for us but that's another discussion).  This little shift has really started some internal workings because now I am praying about my sins and my need of mercy (as well as those of the whole world).  This is good because it should start with oneself and branch out to the whole world.  I'm really loving this Divine Mercy chaplet thing.  It's starting to bear some really great fruit in me this Lent.

So how is your Lent going?  Having any major spiritual break throughs or is this is a slogging-through- it type of year for you (boy that was me last year)?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I absolutely love your idea about personalizing the Divine Mercy chaplet! I may grab this idea myself. ;-)


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