Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 13

So today was more step cardio.  It wasn't as brutal because it didn't require me to be as coordinated.  We also used the weighted bar.

In other news: My six year old apparently has a kindergarten girl friend.  I was hoping he'd choose one of the girls who wrote him a lovely birthday note, but he didn't.  Instead he chose the social-issue girl who's a big gossip.  Fortunately this is kindergarten.  I don't foresee him eloping with her.  The good news is that he's doing something socially normal ie having a crush on a girl. 

My four year old has jumped in the intellectual realm too.  Yesterday he told me to change the words of his favorite song to reflect the time of day (it's a bed time song).  And again today he reminded me that he didn't bring his legos because he knows that he can't take toys to child care at the gym.  When I went to pick him up, he told me that he made a new friend but didn't know his name.  So I told him to go back and ask what his name was "Games" he said.  I'll leave you to guess what the friend's actual name is.  Keeping in mind that his speech is still off. 

The most profound discussion (aside from his remarks about God) was today when he asked why dad was a scientist who studied rocks from outer space not earth instead of animals.  I told him that dad also has studied earth rocks and that he became what he is because he wanted to.  That Knee would get the choice too.  He told me he wanted to be a mom and not a dad.  Now before people get all flustered, he was saying that he wanted to be a stay-at-home parent.  So I told him that he could still stay at home with his kids and still be a dad.  That seemed to satisfy him.

Naturally yesterday's off-the-cuff remarks from the Pope about Donald Trump (and to a lesser extent contraceptives) has got all kinds of people coming out of the wood-work.  I recently read a comment essentially desiring the resurgence of the Know-Nothings.  And people truly think anti-Catholicism is a myth.  I think half the thread was various degrees of attacking Catholicism despite it being a post about the Pope and Trump.  Just goes to show you just how pervasive sin and evil are even among so-called Christians. 

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