Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 14

My oldest had a mini-melt down this morning over going to school.  He had gotten in trouble on Friday for sticking his tongue out at his teacher and refusing to do his class work and refusing to go to time out.  He was given detention.  So naturally this morning, he didn't want to go to school.  This is an obstinate streak not an autism thing.  He likes to do the least amount of anything just like many kids do.

Anyway I went to the gym with Knee.  Today we worked with a small ball and heavy hand weights.  My arms will hate me later.

I finished the popular book about Tidying up by Marie Kondo.  It was.....interesting.  I plan on typing up my notes for a review tomorrow.

The end of the week, HB has a couple of days off.  He's looking forward to it.  I sorta am.  The library is supposed to have a couple of horses (it's Rodeo week in the Ol' Pueblo) on Friday.  So maybe I'll be able to keep the kids busy.

I've also spent some time wading into discussions on Pope Francis.  I had one person call him a Marxist, socialist, leftist.  I disputed.  Later on he said that Pope Francis never said he wasn't.  I linked up three articles from main stream media to the contrary.  He was surprised and dismissed them.  My reaction:  @#&%!  People simply refuse to take a person at their word anymore.  That or they refuse to admit that they are wrong. 

Likewise a Reformer basically said that I was a misguided leftist (which is a first for me because as a moderate I'm usually accused of being conservative).  I pointed out that the point of the Reformation was to reform the Church and the Reformers haven't come back yet.  Why is that?  My guess: because these Christians really don't want to come back.  They would rather remain in their heresy which is just sad.

And this was my Monday.  Here's hoping yours was better.

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