Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 15: I think I'm turning Japanese

Today was way harsh. I walked in to hear the instructor explain the circuit exercises we were going to be doing. After a quick group warm up, we split into four groups.  I started with the step, then standing exercises, then hand weights, and then floor exercises.  We circuited around two more times with different exercises in each.  The last two circuits was to pick one of the previous exercises and do it again.

Then we got mats and did some floor exercises.  It was brutal.  Usually we keep our thoughts about how awful we feel to ourselves.  The classes are voluntary and included with gym membership.  In other words, you are there because you are a sadist who wants a better body.  But this time there was a lot of murmuring.  One lady said there may be mutiny in the class.  It was that difficult.

I'm sure I will be feeling it tomorrow.  And today it looks like a dropped a pound.  This has led me to believe that I need to add more exercising than just three times a day for an hour each.  I know this summer when the sun murders me at 5 am I'll probably go jogging again.  For now I'm thinking I may need to go to the gym on Saturdays.  I haven't decided yet.

In other news....

This is what I've been doing lately.  That is I've turned my socks and jammies etc. into sushi rolls or (burritos since I live oh, so close to the Mexican border). 

Today is to try and tackle the linen closet which looks like a mess of towels in the middle, miscellaneous batteries rolling in one corner, a basket of medicines, and a show box of odds and ends like light bulbs.  It's pretty dreadful.  Therefore I'm hoping that my sheets will look like large burritos at days end (or squared dumplings).  I know that Marie Kondo said to get rid of excess sheets, but that was before she had a child.  You need at least one set of sheets for every bed in case of vomit, pee, poo, etc accidents at night.  No parent wants to keep their child up while washing sheets.  But anyway....

How's your day going so far? Do leave a comment.

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