Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 16: Maintaining

So far I've lot a pound and am maintaining it.  That's a positive step.

Since HB has two days off from school, I packed up my shower gear and took them to the gym.  They were pretty excited about that.  Today was using an exercise band and the bar.  My arms will hurt later.  One of my classmates who was there on Wednesday was also pretty sore still.  She said it felt like someone had hit her on the back multiple times with ply wood.  For me it was my calves particularly the left one.  So I took it easy. 

After class I took a shower and ended up almost loosing an earring.  Fortunately I found it just outside the shower stall.  I got dressed and picked up the kids.  They had done some hand painting and the staff had taken some pics (which I'll have to get Monday because their printer was on the fritz). 

In a few minutes, we're going to head out for Story Time to go see the horses that the library is bringing out.  There's supposed to be a miniature and a Clydesdale. 

Yesterday I took HB to the doc to have him checked out.  He's had a lingering cold and drainage.  She said things look clear and just to make sure he blows his nose well.  Then we headed over to Goodwill.  I was looking for cowboy boots for HB because of a class related thingy in April and dropping off stuff.  I ended buying a purse for 4 bucks (Liz Clayborne), an alarm clock for HB (it's a rocket looking thing), and Knee's remote controlled Star Wars X-wing. 

Knee's been asking for this thing for a while now.  I even suspect that he's gotten friendly with St. Nicholas about it.  He's mentioned him a few times.  And the mother of all craziness, when I told him that we were going to Goodwill he thought we would be getting the X-wing.  I doubted someone would have donated such an expensive toy.  But lo and behold there were two and one rc Millennium Falcon. 

I think I need to start asking them to pray for things more.  Seriously it's like the both ask and suddenly it happens.  First it was moving back to Tucson, then St. Anthony's help, and now St. Nicholas.  Just amazed.

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