Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 17: Fun and Primaries

So today's workout involved a step routine and hand weights.  I managed to sweat and keep up despite being the most uncoordinated person on the planet.  The class was rather full and because I'm always dashing in from dropping HB off at school and Knee off at child care, I got stuck up near the front.  Where people can see me and know just how ridiculous and uncoordinated I am.  I pushed that to the back of my mind and confidently said "I'm must stronger than I used to be and I'm not here for their benefit."  That pep talk helped.

How was your weekend?  Saturday we took the boys to the grocery store and after lunch we went hiking in one of the state parks.  It was a short hike and the boys seemed to enjoy it.  Our trail had us loop around a 12th c. Native American wall built around a village and built on that same area was a 19th century ranch.  This may surprise you seeing as how this is outside of the main city and in what appears to be the middle of the desert.  However, it's located in an area where two washes converge.  These days the washes aka rivers are mostly dry, but they used to be wet during the rainy season.  During the dry it was manageable to dig a well.

Sunday I had the boys clean up their room, the living room, and move toys out of the kitchen.  So much easier to do then in the past.  I may make Sundays their cleaning day.

Switching topics: A few weeks ago I spoke to a grandma who was a Bernie Sanders fan.  It was a weird conversation because we were talking about the large amount of homework.  Suddenly she shifted into "I'll be so glad when Bernie gets rid of all these big cooperate business."  I don't normally talk politics with random strangers.  So I tried to politely find a way out of the conversation.  After collecting my thoughts about it later, I realized that she didn't get that she was saying something ironic.  Bernie Sanders is a fan of large government and socializing everything.  The public school system which we attend uses Common Core which is something the feds promoted at local levels.  The reason why the kids have so much homework is because of the demands of Common Core.  In other words, we were complaining about government over-reach and yet she is excited that Bernie Sanders wants to dish out more?

For the record, I also don't like Donald Trump.  Just to give you a few of my reasons: He supports Planned Parenthood.  He has strange ideas about how to secure the border which really don't work.  And I live in Tucson.  We have a dang wall.  He's made fun of a disabled reporter for his disability.  Stuff like that just irritate me about him.

So my husband asked me about a week ago and again yesterday, what I would do if the nominees were Trump and Sanders (or even Hillary Clinton who is dishonest).  I told him that I would write in someone else.  It appears that this is becoming rather trendy with such hastags as #NeverTrump.  I guess we're all a little fed up with our politicians and uneducated voters.

Tuesday I plan on reviewing the tv show on Netflix: Fuller House.  Stay Tuned!

So what are your thoughts about the primaries?  Leave your remarks in the comments.

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