Monday, February 8, 2016

Day Nine

Sorry, it's been a while.  Our house got hit with the flu including me.  Very nasty.  We basically shut down for the week.  Dinners were....interesting.  I got sick on Friday and then Hubby on Tuesday.  So technically I was still contagious running to the store and grabbing nibbles.  I didn't make a real dinner of any sort until yesterday. 

And my house...Oh, my house....On Wednesday I willed myself to clean the kitchen floor because someone spilled something and it was disgusting.  As in sticky with dirty foot prints.  We managed to convince our oldest to clean up the living room on Thursday in exchange for extra video gaming.  Because you know he's six and we were sick.  So it took him a while but he did it all himself.  And we were thankful.  Oh, so thankful.  What it taught me was 1)we are master manipulators and 2)I really don't need to knock myself out over straightening up their room since they are perfectly capable of straightening it themselves.  I was a nice mom for a while.  I thought they are four and six plus autistic.  The sheer magnitude of trying to organize that mess is daunting.  But never fear I'm working on their room to organize it better and they are very good at deception.  So will I clean their room again?  Nope.  I am just the supervisor.  *muah, ha, ha....*  I like this age. 

So between having to wash enough clothes for school, working on homework (because the school expects parents to do the homework with the child and didn't-I-graduate-from-school-already? and when-do-they-have-independent-homework?), washing enough dishes, running out for nibbles, carting people around, getting school supplies, *gasp*  all I wanted to do was go to bed because even putting the boys to bed was hard as I lost my voice. 

Then it was my week to wash the church linens which would be much more fun if we weren't sick.  So hopefully I'll do a better job.

Anyway, you get the point.  I didn't work out until this morning.  I thought "This is going to be tough."  But it actually wasn't that hard to get back into.  I say that now and I'll pay for it later.

And Tuesday, we're having a dinner party for Mardi Gras.  Because I'm crazy and need more motivation to clean my house. /sarcasm 

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  I'm crazy but not that crazy.  Some people can fast and still work out, but I'm not one of them.  I'd be craving cheese burgers if I did that.  So I'm skipping the work out that day and going to Mass with my children (halo).  For my Lenten journey, I plan on saying the Divine Mercy chaplet every day and I have a 33 days of Divine Mercy book coming in.  It doesn't officially hit book stores until Feb 15th so until then I have another book that I'll work on for spiritual reading. 

So what are your Lenten aspirations?  How is your work out going?  Have you managed through cold/flu season?  Type a comment.

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