Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 18: Fitness Assessment

So today we did a bunch of standing cardio exercises with weights.  Then we switched to heavier weights to do toning.  The work out seemed to fly by. This Wednesday unlike last Wednesday it wasn't as brutal but it wasn't easy either.

After class they were offering a fitness assessment in the same room.  Basically it was four different evaluations: heart rate, flexibility, strength, and balance. 

My heart rate was somewhere in the good to excellent.  I keep loosing my pulse so I had to do some basic math to figure a rough estimate.  My flexibility which involved seeing how far you could touch your toes (basically) was super.  This surprised me. 

The strength well let's just say it's somewhere around good. First I did crunches and after doing crunches during my workout well.....  The push ups were good though as we hadn't done push ups in class.  I suppose though I could lower myself more, but the person monitoring didn't say anything to me about it so I must have done well.  So strength is an area I could work on, but I knew this.  And it is improving.  I use 5 lb weights these days. 

The last area was balance.  At first she had us practice which is hilarious because I wobble a lot even with my eyes open.  The she had us do this with our eyes shut, which was basically the same for me.  I have bad balance regardless.  It got worse when she had us stand on one foot with our closed.  I felt like a bird trying to balance on a delicate twig with my periodic flapping of wings.  The assessor is supposed to send us videos of exercises involving balance.  I desperately need this as I don't want to be in my 70s and falling down all the time.

So how has your week been going?

Tomorrow I plan on discussing the differences between socialism and social justice.  Ever since the Pope's remarks, I keep hearing that he's a Marxist/socialist, leftist, etc.  This is absurd.  Yes his remarks need more finesse but what he's saying is the same thing past Popes have said (I keep telling people to actually read Laudato Si as he quotes various Popes) and the same things are in the Catechism (it's getting annoying having to repeatedly quote it).  I finally pointed out the passages in the Catechism to someone where it specifically talks about socialism and capitalism.  Then I explained the concept of subsidiarity.  I'll probably do the same thing here but more teased out.  And if I feel up for it I may throw in some distributionism which is another thing based on subsidiarity that people like G.K. Chesterton went for.  So stayed tuned.

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