Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 19: Mismatch

Today was the step and the bar.  The class was really full and we had several new faces.  This was a bit surprising to me as we're heading into warmer weather.  Many people prefer to get their exercise outdoors.  Then again it could be that if you register with the Y the sports programs are cheaper.

I'm looking into Swim Lessons for the boys.  The Y's start on Saturday, and offered each month.  I am late in registering plus it's still too chilly for HB.  As luck would have it, the website was talking about different swim programs available in the community.  You see water safety is a big deal and so a number of organizations fund raise and receive government moneys for safety and prevention.  There's a program that offers 8 free swim lessons through the Y, and you get a special flotation device.  My children really can't swim.  HB used to doggie paddle well with a vest but he doesn't remember doing that since he was about 2 at the time.  Knee doesn't swim at all.  Canada only has a couple of good months for swimming.  They are sending me the vouches which will be awesome.  I figure once they get the hang of the basics I can take them swimming more often.

Yesterday I went to a women's group that my parish is forming.  It was odd.  I think the main problem is that they are wanting to form a group for a range of age groups AND interests.  There's no real main direction other than "empowering women" and "supporting each other."  *sigh*  Our parish already has prayer groups, groups for the 50+, Bible studies, crafts etc.  Yes these integrate men, but so what?  What we really need is a group for those who aren't in highschool anymore but are single.  Yes these women exist.  I saw a couple of them who fit into that category.  And those in my age range who most likely have children.  They said they are working on getting child care.  They also said they plan on breaking us down into smaller groups with more in common and meeting as a large group once a month.  Strange.  Why not just keep these small groups separate? I don't normally have a problem with all-female groups but I think we have enough groups based on interest as it is.  I feel like this could turn into two competing groups of the same interest.  Just my thoughts.

Tonight I'm dropping the kiddos back off at the Y and Hubby and I are having an evening alone in our house without children.  This has never happened because we usually hire babysitters and then go out.  The Y is having some sort of 50s Sock Hop themed child care/parents night out.  It was really about the same as we pay a sitter so I signed up for it.  We discussed going out as usual, but Hubby was like "we're never home alone without the children. Let's do something at home."  What he doesn't realize is that this will probably happen more frequently as they get older and visit family and have sleep-overs. 

So what are your plans for this weekend?  Do tell in the comments!

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