Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 23: Walmart Grocery Pick-up

Disclosure: I used to work for Walmart.  While Walmart did not pay for my groceries, I have linked to a referral here and on Twitter.  You get 10 dollars off your first order.  I get 10 dollars back.  All my opinions are my own. 

About a week ago, my Monday/Friday fitness instructor asked if anyone has been using the Walmart Grocery Pick-up.  She was really enthusiastic about it so I asked her about it.  Next week is HBs spring break, Holy Week, and Hubby will be out of town.  It will not be relaxing.  I was trying to figure out a way that I could finagle grocery shopping in without resorting to loosing my temper.  I decided to try it out.

Here's how it works.  You have to have it set-up in your area.  You go online; use this link.  Start searching for the stuff that you would normally buy.  Put them into your online cart.  I also recommend hearting your stuff so that it's easier the next time you shop to find what you normally purchase.  The first go round of purchasing takes a little bit of time.  Once you are done, schedule a two hour time slot in which you will pick-up your groceries.  Then pay for them.  They will give you instructions on where to park and how they will contact you etc.  When your order is ready, drive over to the store.  Park in the designated spot.  Call them and open up your trunk.  They will bring out your groceries and load them into your car.

Upsides to the service:
Once you have hearted enough items it becomes faster than walking through the grocery store and looking for items.  You don't have to get out of your car or take your children inside.  Maybe you have children with multiple nap times.  Maybe your work schedule is hectic.  Maybe you are sick.  Maybe you are trying to avoid getting sick.  There are tons of reasons to use this service.  There's also no fee associated with it.  The minimum is 30 dollars but my family can easily top that with groceries for the week.  If you think of something afterwards, you can add it to your cart before an expiration time. 

Downsides to the service:
They don't have everything they carry in the store listed online.  It's most of it, but not everything.  For example, normally I buy the off brand of chicken and rice soup, but I ended up only being able to buy the Campbell's version.  Sometimes they don't have what you want in the store because they are out of stock so they will substitute for you and try to stick as close to what you ordered price/item wise.  I had this happen with two items.  But their substitutions were fine and I'm pleased with them. You can't ad match.  *sniffles*

Not everyone will have the service in their area.  If that's the case, contact Walmart.  Contact the store directly and ask to speak to the store manager.  If enough people are interested in the service, Walmart will listen.  They are really good about that. 

You can't get your groceries whenever you want.  They have designated pick-up slots.  Mine is from 8am-8pm.  I'm sure that's fairly universal, but they will tell you for your area.

So I did the service.  Last night I dropped stuff into my online cart while the children were sleeping.  Took a little while because I'm picky.  I signed up for my slot.  They actually had my order ready for me 15 minutes early.  I was dropping off HB when they called.  I went to the gym, which is 5 minutes from my location.  Then after that Knee and I called and then drove over and called again.  The lady came out and put them into the car.  I drove home and put them away.  Easy peezy.  Course I had to put stuff away in my house, but I wasn't dragging Knee through the aisles while he starts asking to buy different snack items.  Sweet!

Now I did notice that I ended up with a couple of extra items.  I double checked that all my items were there and that I wasn't charged for the extra items.  Everything was fine.  So my Christian duty compelled me to inform Walmart that I ended up with something I didn't pay for.  I called customer service which they had listed the number conveniently at the top of the receipt.  I explained that I had received extra items.  He said that I could donate or use them.  Since both items have to be refrigerated I knew that they couldn't be donated.  So I decided to keep them. 

The service does use people to get your groceries for you and bag them.  Therefore it's open to human error.  Walmart is very good about making amends for broken/damaged or missing items.  I've never had a problem with them not standing behind things.  My guess is that they would have refunded me the money if I had any missing/broken items. 

Have you used a grocery pick-up service before?  I know Walmart isn't the only one.  My local Safeway has a delivery service (I think they come to your house) but it's for a fee.  Sometimes they've waved the fee.  I always thought that such services were great for shut ins.  Would you use a pick-up service? 


  1. Not having everything on their site is actually a huge issue I think. Not just for this, but in general. I'm not a WM fan, but my mom works there still... and she'll buy things for us occasionally because they aren't carried here where we live. If they had stuff online I could just order and cut out a whole host of issues. But they don't. I'm still a bit bitter though because a package we had shipped to us through mom this way was stolen (po passed it off last min through someone else who left on doorstep against policy). Wasn't WM's fault at all, but now we have no way to replace it because her store ran out of the twins sizes and it isn't online. They still make them I know (we do carry the UT version here) but no way to get it.

    On topic though, more stores are doing things similar to this. HEB is doing a home delivery service now through an App too... I've heard it works really well. I like being able to get out of the house though lol.

    1. I agree. It's really annoying. I've been writing that in their feedback section. I think that they are trying to have listed what they generically carry in stock in every store as opposed to a particular store. So I don't plan on using the service every time I shop just when it's not worth the trouble. As I told Hubby it's great when you've got the flu because then you don't have to get out of your car.

      We don't have HEB. I think that's a Texas thing. The closest we have is Safeway and I'm not sure how it works. From their website, it looks like you order online but 1)costs an extra fee and 2) You don't get same day delivery unless you order early in the morning. Basically every service has it's pros and cons.

      I too like getting out of the house. It's one of the few times I'm by myself. But as the kiddos get older I feel it's important to let them see the inside of a store. They need to learn those life skills too. So sometimes I take them along. Just depends on what kind of day/week we've been having.

  2. Yeah i take the kids with me most times. It's actually kind of interesting, I've noted more than once that I'll be the only one interacting with mine in there. Keiran usually talks the whole time. It's exhausting, but it also feels like a teachable moment. We don't get out a lot though period. It just takes so much to get everyone out if it's just me and there isn't a ton of time either. I feel bad about that, but our days are packed.


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