Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 25: Been Really Busy

I feel tired but that's because I haven't been sleeping as much.  Hubby hasn't been sleeping well and keeps waking me up.  This morning he managed to scratch me.  I asked him if his fancy do dad Apple Watch monitors sleep and he said supposedly it does.  I really think he has sleep issues of some sort because he wakes up at the drop of a hat and he has a hard time sleeping.  I've been telling him for a while that he needs to talk to a doctor about it, but I don't think he has.  Seriously though, Hubs, doctors can supply you with non-addictive sleep aids.  Love you, your cranky wife.

Other than that I'm really energetic.  Going to the gym has improved my strength and endurance by a lot.  Yesterday I did a lot more house cleaning than I was because I didn't have to stop for breaks. 

Today we had a lot of new people in the class.  Some you could tell were thriving.  Others were struggling to get used to things.  I'm think a couple of them ordinarily take the Zumba class because from my tiny knowledge of Spanish I caught the words "Zumba" a couple of times. 

Knee is getting more and more bossy.  I went to pick him up and he told the lady that he was working on his art project and not finished yet.  Then he proceeded to dawdle to the car with the last bit trying to bolt through the parking lot.  He ended up terrifying the poor guy looking for a parking spot and encoring a scolding from me.  This made him "angry" at me and he spoke of wanting me to die.  I asked him how he planned to get home and he said "I will drive myself."  He can't even touch the peddles, the Stink.  I asked him how he planned to feed himself and he said he would make eggs.  He probably could figure it out since he's made enough eggs with me before.  As soon as we got home he demanded that I make him chocolate milk.  He's a feisty one that kid.

Hubby leaves on Sunday to go to a conference.  So I'm doing a bunch of laundry and trying to arrange everything just so before he leaves.  Saturday we have back to back birthday parties.  It also doesn't help that Sunday is along Mass and I'm giving blood afterwards.  I hate when routines get disrupted, but we preserve. 

For Holy Week, the plans are to take the boys to the Young Jesus movie, get hair cuts, and watch the Prince of Egypt Holy Thursday, part of the Bible series on Good Friday, and something else on Saturday.  Plus there's lamb and perhaps the Good Friday service.  I may fall down exhausted by weeks end. 

What are your plans for Holy Week?


  1. Good luck with the sleep thing... and convincing him to go see a dr. That is a tough one.

    No plans here really. Spring break was this week so we'll be getting back onto a normal schedule still. Fun fun. At least the kids have off on Friday...

  2. So glad to see you commenting. I've missed you!

    *tries not to sound like some sap*

    Thanks. He's stubborn that one.

    Tucson has a variety of different schools districts and they all have spring break at different times. My friend has asked me to keep an eye on his 12 year old and 8 year old for a couple of days on their Spring Break which is the 1st week of Easter. I don't really consider it baby sitting as they are old enough to be alone, but I think he's concerned about boredom and he knows I'm home anyway.

    Sorry digression....
    I'm not sure they get Good Friday off like we do, but it's really not difficult to take your children out of school for religious reasons. I did so with Ash Wednesday and everyone was really wonderfully supportive. Most of the staff are Christians and some are Catholics. In fact one of the teachers goes to our parish and I see her from time to time at Mass. So I imagine if he wanted to he could take them out. Doubt he does that sort of thing since he's Presbyterian. I don't think they have any services on Good Friday.

  3. Lol yeah sorry I've been... Out of the whole blog thing entirely. I miss it. I try when i can. Love reading your posts, but i can't seem to keep on top of anything beyond what i need too.

    Having Good Friday off is pretty normal here. The only time i didn't was in college because it was coC and they don't recognise it. And even then some teachers did and the others were cool with me skipping.


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