Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 26: The Young Messiah Review

Today is a milestone birthday for my dad.  Happy Birthday!

And this afternoon I decided to take the kiddos to the Young Messiah.  I had heard promising reviews.

The movie is a fictionalization of Jesus's life as a child.  It isn't heretical.  That's the good part.

The bad: It's based on the Anne Rice series with the addition of a Centurion looking for Jesus and the devil following Jesus.  Anne Rice is not a literary type.  Let's be honest here.  Her books are entertaining and she has loads of fans, but there isn't much to pick apart and glean from her writing.  I've read these particular books and I found them to be "eh" or as the French say "comme si, comme sa."

I had heard that the movie was based on the books, but it's a movie.  Movie's deviate.  But alas the movie was boring and didn't make me think very much.  In fact the movie is lauded as good for the family even though it's rating is PG-13.  My kids got bored with it as well and so I ended up dragging them away from the theater because you know how kids are when they are bored.  We didn't finish the movie.  Also there were only two other people in the whole theater during Spring Break and Holy Week.  That should also tell you something.

Would I watch it?  Sure I suppose if I was looking for a movie that wasn't heretical and had a different take on the Life of Christ.  But I wouldn't pay to watch it in the theater.  I think the Gospel of John movie was really good in comparison.  It was based on the Bible whereas this is based on the imaginings of a whoa-be-gone Catholic.  We can argue about whether Rice's temporary conversion was genuine or meant to sell books later.  

Verdict: Wait til it comes out on video.  It's not a movie entertaining enough for little children.  Even children who've watched the Bible series at home and ask dozens of questions about Jesus  on a regular basis.

Oh, and as I was walking out while escorting my "bored and therefore getting into trouble" child some lady remarked "You better watch out.  The Easter bunny is watching you."  :0  To which I retorted that "It doesn't make a difference."  1) This is the first I've heard that the Easter bunny watches anyone in the Easter bunny lore and 2) We're Catholics. The Easter bunny doesn't come and visit us.  That's a fairy tale.  We celebrate Easter with presents but there's no visit from the Easter bunny and 3) Why do people do that?  Seriously? It's just plain rude.  I understand the "you listen to your mother" comments.  But really my son should be more concerned about the Easter bunny than behaving himself in general?  *sigh* No wonder some children as they age wonder what other things might just be made up fantasy.  In fairness we were walking past the Easter bunny display, but just because someone is in the mall doesn't mean they were there to visit a dude in a bunny suit.

Rant over.  Carry on.

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