Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fuller House: A Review

My husband was really excited about Fuller House coming out on Netflix.  He was so excited that he forgot to tell me.  But that's Hubby for you.  He was excited mostly because this is the first Family Television show to come out in a long time.

I know what you're thinking.  There are tons of family friendly shows on television.  Yes, that's true.  Except they cater to a particular family member usually.  I'm sure there's an exception somewhere, but we don't have cable and don't go actively looking for Family Television Shows.

What do I mean "cater to a particular family member?"  Excellent question.  Well "Everybody Loves Raymond" is told from the perspective of Raymond who is an adult dad.  The show has his family there but it's about his interactions with them.  Often times the children in the show (or his parents or his brother or his wife) are merely backdrops.  He features prominently because the show is about him.  Adults relate well to the show because we've all had parents or in-laws or spouses or siblings or children who've at times acted that way.  Children who haven't had those same experiences can't relate to the show.  My children get bored with it.

Now let's look at another all alleged Family Television Show: "Malcolm in the Middle."  This show is about another family but it's from the perspective of the child.  The interactions of the parents are how Malcolm perceives them.  Unlike "Raymond" the show has a zany teenage/pre-teen edge to it.  So adults kind of roll their eyes about it even if the children enjoy the show.  And by children I mean those pre-teen/teenagers boys.

Fuller House caters to the entire family as did it's predecessor Full House.  It isn't told from one particular perspective.  Instead the episodes highlight an adult character usually DJ and a child character.  It's really balanced well so that the adults get a chuckle and so do the kids.  My kids actually sit and watch the show.  It's also short (about 30 minutes an episode) so there's less chance for boredom.

Over-all I'm happy with the show.  As my husband pointed out there was a clubbing scene but it was done in good taste for a child's benefit.  There are some draw backs.  I'm not particularly happy with how they handle punishments. You never see the children carry them out but do see when they are disobeying them.  I also don't like the fact that DJ says "damn" a couple of times.  There was also a missed opportunity to promote adoption which was surprising given that Jodi Sweeten is adopted.  I haven't seen all the episodes yet, but so far they are cute and family oriented.

I wish there were more shows that catered to the entire family and not just a few members.  Maybe this is a change for the better in television programming.   

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