Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've hit publish.  It's not that I haven't been churning out blog posts.  It's that I've written the majority of a post and realized that I needed to fill in a few details later.  Then I never found the time to do so.  So I have posts.

The exercise regime has been "eh."  I haven't really lost any weight since January like I had hoped.  Although now I don't have to squeeze as much into certain clothing items and certain things I've purchased roomy I now need to borrow a belt.  So does this mean I'm building muscle mass?  At any rate, I'm disappointed that the shedding hasn't melted off.  Maybe this whole not squeezing in thing is the start of the down hill slide?  Or maybe I really need to up the exercise.

April 10th.  That's the day when sunrise is exactly at 6:00 am.  So on April 12th, my goal is to get my big booty up and start jogging on Tuesday and Thursday morning for half an hour in addition to my usual Mon/Wed/Friday gym class.

Divine Mercy Sunday was....divine.  I ended up offering something up, consecrating myself to the Divine Merciful Love, and getting someone out of purgatory in one Mass.  It was exhilarating.

I wasn't actually expecting to be called to such a consecration.  If you ever have been to my house, you would know that it's tastefully decorated...Catholic.  That said, I looked around my house and discovered that at the start of the consecration I didn't have anything Divine Mercy related.  No, metals, prayer cards, images, rosary beads, nothing.  Not even the consecration book, which came later.  At most I had St. Terese's Story of a Soul.  That's it.  Edit Correction: My car has a Divine Mercy sticker on it.  And my car is named Mercy.  Totally forgot that.  Although technically my car doesn't reside in my house.  So when I say, I was the most unlikely candidate for the consecration.  I mean that truthfully.  Despite being 1/4 Polish, Divine Mercy wasn't one of those things I gravitated towards as a devotion.  Lots of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Lots of Sacred Heart of Jesus.  No Divine Mercy.  I suppose this is Jesus's way.  When you're called to something, it may surprise you what exactly he desires for you.  It's also crazy that there's this whole Carmelite connection to Divine Mercy.  I assumed that since there's an order of priests devoted to it and Carmelite charism is prayer there wouldn't be a connection.  But Jesus is all like. Uh, crazy lady, yes there is.  Think you need to re-read St. Terese.  *Mic drop*

So looks like that's my special thing now.

In case you are wondering, I have a couple of pamplets and the book for now.  I plan in God's good time to get a copy of St. Faustina's Diary and that sort of thing.  But for now I'm happy sort of being a hidden martyr of His Merciful Love.  They say a slow burning love is a lasting one.

And to switch topics again...HB got in trouble at the after school program.  That's the irrelevant part.  What's relevant is during the discussion with the school coordinated, I discovered that they keep the gate open.  Unfortunately they are required to because of another after school program's federal dictates (don't you just love how the feds mess stuff up).  She told me that she has asked the higher-ups to do something about the safety issue, but they don't listen.  It's a safety issue because the gate empties into a parking lot close to a major street.  HB is not the only child who has darted out to the fence (fortunately he came back but was suspended for the stunt).

Anyway...I called the higher-ups but the lady is out until Wednesday.  So I left a voice mail message.  I'm of course faced with the dilemma of pulling him from the program for safety reasons if she should not be willing to accommodate.  Seeing as it's an after school program, I'm not sure exactly what I can do.  If it received state or federal money, the program could get into trouble for not accommodating children with autism (since wondering and running away are common safety issues).  If they don't, since it's an optional program, we could be hosed.  In which case I may have to put on my political hat and make a stink about it with the school board.

Does anybody know the legal ramifications surrounding accommodations in public school after school programs?  I'm not sure where to even begin the research other than to contact the local Autism Society Coordinator.  Hubby of course says I should just wait first before making too many steps.  And he's right.  Perhaps the coordinator will make plans to remedy the situation.  But I'd like to find this information out anyway just in case I need to exert some leverage.

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  1. I love your Divine Mercy story! Indeed, it was a divine day. :)As for your healthy living regime, if your clothes are getting big, then your body is shrinking, big time! That's excellent, and it's really more important than the number on the scale. But I get it, I pay attention to that number too. To get it moving, I find that it's the eating that plays more of a part (bummer, totally). Doesn't mean you have to deny yourself anything, but portion control and on the whole (nothing wrong with splurges at times!) healthier choices are what make the scale number go down. I can't remember if you talked about that aspect already, so you may already be doing that. But in case not, that's my experience! :)


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