Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Birthday, An Appointment, and Later a Music Lesson

So today was the day of HB's behavioral appointment.  The big one that we had been waiting nearly a year for and thought would have to wait a year and a half for.  That one.

Good news!  She's on our side and thinks he needs an IEP despite the school district hemming and hawing about it.  She also thinks he needs an Occupational Therapy assessment because his hand writing well it's terrible.  In my former days I used to assist in the kinder classroom.  And his is the worst handwriting I've seen for someone who is going into 1st grade.  He can do passable work if he puts his mind to it, but usually it's barely legible.

She also is hoping that he will be accepted into a program where a therapist will come to our house and help with the boys interaction.  This is because their interactions are this way: 1)parallel play 2)Knee initiating any interactive play which often times results in either parallel play after a bit or 3) lots of physical fitting.  I hate trying to get them to interact because of number 3.

She also says he needs speech therapy not because he doesn't talk and can't be understood, but because his conversational speech is terrible.  It goes something along these lines usually:Me- How was your day?  HB: Mario is so awesome mom.  He can grab the mushroom and change colors.  Me- That's great, sweety, but how was your day at school?  Did you have a great time?  HB: Yes. And I love when Mario shoots fire balls.  And guess what?  *Classmate's name redacted* has fairy dust and he sprinkles it on his house and his house moves.  It really does.  Me- That's good what did you learn today? HB: *Cuts me off* and he can make his house invisible and move it and it was under the school playground earlier today.

At that point I give up because clearly he's not able to have a conversation so I just listen in until he's done and ready to actually answer a couple of questions.  I'm also having a hard time figuring out if he knows the difference between fantasy and reality.

The frustrating thing is that because he's high functioning as she put it means that getting him services is difficult.  His problems aren't bad enough for them to do anything about it unless I basically pitch a fit.  What they basically are operating under is they won't do anything until it is a major problem.  He needs help with conversation flow now and not waiting until he's 10 years old and basically can't pay attention in school anymore.  And this is my frustration.

She's also concerned that he may have ADHD.  At this point she is just going to wait and see because as she said he can sit and down and do work.  It's only slight and not significant at this point.  But if it starts to affect him academically he may need some sort of treatment for that too.

Now I just have to wait for them to figure out what my insurance will cover for care and hopefully have a meeting with the district.

And today is Hubby's birthday.

So I'm also going to have to bake a cake and make a fancy-ish dinner for Hubby.  Then I have to run off to a music lesson (I'm teaching in case you are wondering).  The bathrooms need to be cleaned and the kitchen floor swept and mopped, but I haven't a clue when that's going to happen.  I could do it now but then I won't be able to function later today because of exhaustion.  In my old age, I have to pace myself.

How's your "Hump" Day going?

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