Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh, How the Obsessions Doth Create Havoc

HB has been a little bit too into his obsessions lately.  The biggest one is Mario Brothers related.  He has told me that he and his brother are toys from Toys R US come to life when they came through the television.  He wants me to call him Mario, which as you can probably tell is not his name.  If I try to tell him that none of this is true, that he's a real live little boy well melt down, melt down, melt down, melt down....And there's no one I can call for advice on how to encourage him to get out of his fantasy.

To top it off, people are getting tired of playing games based on this obsessions.  At his summer school program, no one wanted to play Mario and Luigi.  When he came home, his brother played with him for a while, but like all games got tired with it.  Knee asked him to leave him alone and told him he wasn't playing anymore repeatedly.  This led to some fighting.  Then Knee snuggled up next to me and promptly fell asleep.  When HB came in to find him, I told him that Knee wasn't interested in playing and that he was tired.

A few minutes later I heard some major crying in the next room.  This is rare as I can count on my hand the number of times HB has cried outside of infancy.  After Knee was securely out, I found him with tears on his cheeks, balling.  He was upset that Knee wouldn't play with him so I explained that his brother is a little boy.  His brother was tired.  He shouldn't get offended that his brother also needs a break sometimes.  That's when he told me about no one wanting to play his games with him.  "They didn't want to listen to me, Mom."  I think he felt sad and disappointed thus he needed a good cry.  I don't think he took offense at his brother specifically.  After telling him about Knee needing a break, he said "I didn't know he was tired."  Yep.  Maybe we're getting to the point that he's starting to understand that others have needs too.  He brightened up.

At least he's not blooding up people so that's an improvement even if it's a small one.  Mostly it's a huge safety issue for me and Knee and anyone else that I'm glad we're slowly getting past.  Unfortunately this could have been resolved much sooner if professionals actually took me seriously and gave him therapy.


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