Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Subsidarity, The Poor, and the Pro-Life Movement

I've been reading a number of blog posts on patheos basically of people separating themselves from the Pro-life movement even though they are pro-life themselves.  The basic reading of it is thus: The Pro-life movement supports Republicans. The pro-life movement doesn't support women and their babies. The pro-life movement isn't encompassing.

Well...frankly they are wrong.  I've actually written a blog post (although I can't seem to find it) pointing out that pro-lifers do not agree about everything politically wise but since we're talking about a single issue, being pro-life, then in that single issue we agree.  If you are looking for someone who shares all of your issues, then you need to join a political party not a single-issue movement.

But okay, you (addressing those who share this opinion) don't agree with what some pro-lifers, particularly the very vocal ones, believe about other issues.  Maybe that makes you uncomfortable about joining pro-life groups.  I get it.  I find some of the strangest people who I think are going off the deep-end in conspiracies even in my own Bible group.  This is life.  I don't always have to agree with my friends and people in organizations in order to participate.  If it bothered me that much, then I'd join another group.  I wouldn't leave the Pro-life movement altogether. 

Let's get down to the nitty gritty though.

Why does the pro-life movement support Republicans?  Because the Democratic platform specifies that they support abortion.  I'm sure at some point Democrats didn't have that as part of their parties platform.  I know that there were pro-life Democrats.  But when it's part of your party now, it makes sense that pro-life groups do not support Democrats and instead support the only other major party in the United States.  It makes sense they would support the other party that hasn't made abortion-support a part of its platform.  For the record, I'm not a Republican either, but I understand why some pro-life organizations endorse Republican candidates. 

As I've said repeatedly, the pro-life movement DOES support women and babies.  We just don't agree about what the government's role in that should be.  Many pro-lifers believe that the government is over-reaching in it's welfare programs.  Maybe not to the point of being like the Amish, but somewhere in there.  Rather they prefer to encourage subsidiarity.  This is why I like the St. Vincent de Paul society.  It's international, but the idea is that you work on your local level to help the poor and vulnerable families.  You don't slough it off on large organizations like the government.  To say that because you disagree about government intervention makes you less pro-life is ridiculous.  I take it as a slap in the face.  And yes, I frequently donate to SVdP society.  And yes, I support crisis pregnancies centers and health care centers. 

As for the pro-life movement not encompassing a complete pro-life ethic (against euthanasia, war, etc) sure that happens.  Again you're trying to take a single-issue focus and blow it up.  If you want that, I encourage you to seek it out.  As stands, the Church covers all those issues with a vast number of different organizations.  You can be a part of all of them or none of them.  But please check your pride.  You are seriously projecting if not teetering on the sin of rash judgement to assume that members of the pro-life movement don't share your views.  You are also wrong in thinking that they aren't pro-life enough.

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