Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 Things I've learned After Changing my Diet

As you know, I've recently been dieting to lose weight.  This isn't your typical diet where you eat rabbit food and fast down to a weight and then once you've reached said weight you eat whatever you want again.  This is a life style change and something that I want to keep.  Granted if I find myself loosing too much weight (which I doubt but happens) then the goal is to add back in more calories.  I expect though my body will adjust and stick to a particular weight once I've reach my goal weight.

My diet is based around my health issues, hypothyroidism, and sluggish metabolism.  I started with exercise in January and added changes to my diet in May.  Naturally I was surprised when at first my weight stabilized with exercise only and then suddenly melted when I started making changes to my diet.  Surprised and frustrating is what I would call this roller coaster to better health. 

My diet consisted of 6 weeks of low carbohydrates, high proteins and vegetables, and grain and sugar free.  I hit my 6 week mark back on Sunday so now I've added in some complex carbohydrates.  Basically this means tonight for dinner I'll probably have some left over spaghetti made with whole wheat pasta and vegetable of some kind (haven't decided yet).

My diet has taught me many things so far and I thought that I would share them with you.

1) I wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I know the US Plate thingy says about half of every meal should include a vegetable or fruit.  I didn't realize how much this was lacking until I realized that every meal needed to include one or the two.  And no a leaf of lettuce on a burger doesn't really count much.  And yes, this means breakfast too.  I was eating a typical American breakfast and that's not good.  Now my goal is to eat a salad for every lunch and eat the vegetables first before the main course.  I eat a fruit with breakfast now.

2) There's something to be said of getting most of your calories from drinks-  I switched my drinking habits to drinking water and skipping out on the soda, juice, or milk.  They add calories without actually making you feel full.

3)  There is sugar in everything- I know I've said this before, but truly it floors me how much sugar is in things.  I realize that it's difficult to eliminate sugar entirely because it naturally occurs in things like fruit which you do need to eat.  That said you find a lot of added sugar everywhere particularly in processed foods. 

4) Carbs do not do you any favors either- Carbs also are turned into sugar.  So carb loading which I had been doing is adding more sugar onto sugar.  I was headed down a path of diabetes.  Not good.  Complex grains in moderation is far better.  You digest them slowly so less sugar spikes.

5) Junk food- I admit that it's super easy when I was hungry to grab a bag of chips or to eat typical kid food (chicken nuggets and such) instead of making myself something else.  If I feel the need for a snack, I typically have fruit with a spoon full of peanut butter (sugar free).  Now that I can have some complex carbs I may also try a whole wheat cracker with cheese.  It only takes a little more preparedness than grabbing the bag.

So far I'm 133 lbs down from 146 lbs.  I can tell now that I've lost that much.  I'm less pudgy in the middle.  My oldest whacked me in the abs and it felt like muscle.  Bad for him to do that; good that it's not pudgy.  My skirt today kept sliding down.  It's got elastic so I may have to perform some surgery at some point.  My goal is for a final weight of somewhere between 120-130 lbs.  I'm so very close! 

So how do you maintain weight?  What's your diet like?  Leave a comment.  I'd love to hear from you.

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